Are Gizmo Watches Waterproof Or Just Water Resistant?

The Gizmo Watch is undoubtedly a high-quality smartwatch for kids. Especially the latest Gizmo Watch 3 offers several exciting new features. But are these watches actually waterproof? 

Gizmo Watches are not waterproof. Instead, water-resistant will be the more suitable term. You can expect a Gizmo watch to withstand a few drops of rain. However, the user cannot submerge the watch several meters beneath the pool or hold it under a running tap.

A Gizmo watch can be a great device to monitor and keep your kids out of danger. But how much water abuse can this watch take? Here, I will tell you from my real experience with the product. 

Are Gizmo Watches Waterproof or Water Resistant?

Gizmo Watches are water resistant, not waterproof. This means they can handle accidental splashes. Or, maybe you can hurry through the run wearing a Gizmo watch. 

However, since they are not waterproof, you cannot submerge them in water for a long time. Also, it is best to wipe and dry a Gizmo watch as soon as it gets wet. 

There’s a reason why manufacturers have made these watches water-resistant and not waterproof. It has mainly to do with comfort. 

Waterproof items tend to trap heat and moisture. As a result, they are kind of stuffy or sweaty when you wear them. On the other hand, water-resistant watches allow circulation. Therefore, they feel cooler and drier. 

Since Gizmo watches are mostly intended for kids, the water resistance is a very useful feature. Kids are more likely to spill or splash liquids. And the Gizmo watch is ready to handle that.

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Difference Between Waterproof & Water Resistant Watches

There are notable differences between waterproof watches and water-resistant ones like Gizmo. Many buyers mistakenly think these are interchangeable terms. And that results in frustration after purchase. 

Here’s some comparison between the two to help you make the right decision- 

Manufacturing Features

Both watches come with a list of water-repelling technologies. For example, seals, gaskets, and screws create an impermeable enclosure in these watches. Manufacturers also use epoxy and silicone oil for further protection. 

However, the utilization of these techs is less remarkable in water-resistant watches like Gizmo. Meanwhile, manufacturers go heavy with their use of waterproof watches. 

The case backs are also an important distinguishing feature between the watches. Usually, the rear side of waterproof watches are screwed down. In comparison, water-resistant watches tend to have snap-on backs. 

Push-pull Vs. Screw On Crowns

The Crown is the knob that lets you wind the time and date. Being movable, it’s one of the crucial points where water can invade the watch. So, the crown immediately tells you how water-resistant a watch is. 

Water-resistant watches like Gizmo usually have a push-pull crown. Meanwhile, waterproof watches, like the one divers use, have a Screw On crown. 

The Screw On crown creates a superior airtight gap. Therefore, it becomes almost impossible for water or moisture to enter the watch. They are designed to withstand depths of 500 feet. 

In comparison, Push-Pull crowns have decent abilities against water. However, it isn’t designed to go deep like the Screw On crown. But it can tolerate minor submersions.

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Purposes and Features

Water-resistant and waterproof watches don’t have the same purposes. Thus, their features also differ greatly. 

For instance, water-resistant watches like Gizmo are suitable for daily use. It’s mostly designed keeping school-going children in mind. 

Therefore, the Gizmo watch can easily withstand minor splashes during a hand wash or a walk in the rain. It’s exclusively a watch for water sports. However, it can handle minor splashes. 

In contrast, the main users of waterproof watches are adventurers, divers, surfers, etc. These watches can withstand extreme submersion. Plus, the corrosion can’t easily affect them. 

The main features of these watches are also. For instance, the major features of the Gizmo watch are GPS tracking, messaging (voice and text), and parental control. 

Now take a waterproof watch, the Rolex Submariner, for example. Its main features are a helium escape valve, unidirectional rotating bezel, etc. These features come in handy for divers exploring underwater.

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Submersion and IP Rating

Waterproof watches usually have a higher IP rating than water-resistant watches. The IP or Ingression Protection rating tells you how resistant a device is against dust (the first digit) and water (the second digit)

Apart from the IP rating, these watches, especially the waterproof ones, state an ATM rating too. It tells you how much Atmospheric pressure the waterproof watch can handle. For instance, a watch with 10 ATMs can submerge down to 100 meters. 

For Gizmo watches, the IP rating is IP67. The first digit tells you the watch has the highest protection against dust particles. Meanwhile, the digit 7 tells you it can submerge only 1 meter deep, and that too for no more than 30 minutes. 

In other words, you might pick up a key or wallet that has fallen into the pool while wearing a Gizmo watch. However, you shouldn’t be swimming with the watch on. 

In comparison, a waterproof watch would have an IP68 rating or higher. This means they can go deeper than one meter and stay submerged for over 30 minutes. Also, they have 5 ATM or 10 ATM

The Apple Watch Ultra is a good example of a waterproof watch with a high IP and ATM rating. It has an IP6X rating and can function fine at 100 meters underwater. 

Ports and Openings

Since waterproof watches usually have fewer ports and openings than water-resistant watches. For instance, you will find charging ports, a microphone, a speaker, and buttons on a Gizmo watch. 

Waterproof also has some of these features. However, their designs try to limit those as much as possible. A port or microphone opening increases the watch’s vulnerability to water entry. 

This is another reflection on how the two watches’ purposes differ. Since kids will use a Gizmo watch for communication, microphone, and speaker openings are crucial in its design. 

In contrast, extreme submersion and optimum function at underwater depths are the main targets of waterproof watches. Henceforth, the minimization of the openings.

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Other Safety Features of Gizmo Watches

Water resistance is a remarkable feature of the Gizmo watches. It makes the watch safe for kid’s everyday use. However, there are many other safety features of the Gizmo watch worth knowing- 

Tracking and Geofencing

Gizmo watches are GPS-enabled. Therefore, you can always track or see your child’s location using your device. 

You can also set up Geofences or virtual boundaries for the watch. If the child leaves the Geofence, the Gizmo system will immediately alert you. As a result, you can take fast action to save the child from potential dangers. 

A parent can also view the location history of their child. Thus, get an overall idea of how their child spends their life outside the home. 

App and Contacts Restrictions

Gizmo lets you create an approved contact list of 20 numbers. These are the only contacts your child can call or text with the smartwatch. This keeps your child safe from ill-intended strangers. 

You can also restrict which app the child can use on the watch. For instance, you may block the time-wasting game apps but keep useful and educational aids (like Calculator) open.

Set Primary Guardian

You can set yourself as the Primary Guardian in your kid’s Gizmo watch. It grants you various advantages. 

For instance, if your kid has an emergency, they don’t have to go through the entire contact list to find you. They can simply press the SOS button, and the watch will instantly call you. 

You can put the watch in school and not disturb modes. In this case, the watch would be silenced during the school hours. Calls from other contacts won’t be allowed when these modes are on except for the Primary Guardian. 

There is also the Auto-answer feature for the Primary Guardian. If you are calling and the child cannot receive the call, the watch will automatically answer the phone.

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Hopefully, you understand that the Gizmo Watch is resistant but not waterproof. Have more queries. Feel free to ask here- 

Can you wear a gizmo watch in the shower?

No, you cannot wear a gizmo watch in the shower. The watch’s IP rating clearly states you cannot expose it to water for prolonged periods. So, don’t shower with your Gizmo watch or wrap your wrist in plastic. 

What age is Gizmo Watch for?

The primary user base for the Gizmo Watch is children aged between three and twelve. However, their stylish design and strap size also make it perfect for adults. You can also use the Gizmo watch to keep an eye on senior family members 

How expensive is a Gizmo Watch?

The most advanced Gizmo Watch 3 costs around $149. The former model Gizmo Watch 2 costs fifty dollars less. However, it also doesn’t have some of the features Gizmo has. Such as a touch screen and 2 MP camera. There are also monthly installation plans available 

Final Thoughts

The Gizmo watch is an excellent device to maintain communication and ensure the safety of your child.

Its water resistance is just right to withstand the splashes and spills of daily life. And since it isn’t made for scuba divers, the Gizmo doesn’t need to be unnecessarily complex and waterproof. 

Keep your Gizmo watch clean and dry. Do not try to swim or submerge it in water for long. And hopefully, your watch will keep performing well for years.

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