6 Best Gizmo Watch Alternatives to Track Your Child

No doubt, Gizmo watch is a lifesaver for kids and parents. Thanks to its GPS tracking feature and the ability to let children communicate with their parents. For any reason, if you have to switch to a Gizmo Watch alternative, there are a few options for you. 

Some of the most common alternatives to Gizmo that you can trust include the Gabb Watch, Apple Watch SE, or Xplora Kids Smartwatch. They are not the only ones, but they are the market leaders. You can rely on them for your kids’ safety. 

To learn more about these alternatives, read on! 

Gizmo Watch Alternatives: Some Best Bets

After trying out the Gizmo watch, you probably want something new in your new smartwatch. Luckily, some options will give you some sort of difference from the Gizmo watch, but they offer reliable features. 

Starting from the entry-level option to the best product, we have listed some smartwatches keeping every type of consumer in mind. Let’s see which smartwatch suits your preferences. 

01. GabbWatch 2

Gabb Watch 2 is intuitive for kids to use. It rewards children for completing their to-do lists and movement goals. This watch has convenient features for both parents and children. 

Most users loved the fact that the Gabb watch allows kids to check items off their to-do lists. Also, they can hit their daily step goals. Both of them are rewarded with coins that they can use to feed their digital pets.

This watch is mainly made for younger kids. They like that the Gabb watch offers options for different bands.

You can set up to 25 trusted contacts in the program for times when kids can send or receive messages. Parents can also see their location and customize geozones.

However, you may not get 100% accurate location tracking. For instance, you can get a false alert. Like, your child’s watch will notify you that he left the school, but actually, he is in the school. 

Fortunately, the Gabb setup doesn’t require much guidance. Also, its customer service is extremely helpful and supportive. 

Anyway, the Gabb Watch 2 has built-in games that can be entertaining for your kid’s leisure time. The real draw is that he can call and text his loved ones with plenty of emojis. 

What Do We Like About It?

  • Helps to stay connected
  • The price is affordable 
  • The control is with parents
  • Allows emergency calls

What Do We Dislike About It?

  • GPS tracking may give false notifications
  • Cannot make video calls

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02. Xplora XGO3

The Xplora XGO3 is worth the hype now. Thanks to its precise real-time location tracking, it gives relief to most parents. However, this watch can track location for up to 72 hours, which is the most impressive part about it. 

Most users said that they could see the real-time movement of their children because of the Xplora XGO3. Your child does not have to turn the GPS on to notify you. Once he activates his watch, his location will also be turned on.

To set up this watch, you will only need a QR code. Conversely, its customer service and website will bother you, as they are largely nonexistent. So if you face any difficulty during the setup, you may not get guidance from them. 

Overall, the watch and its features are fairly intuitive. But only one parent can be the account holder, either your mother or father. It means they can see your activity on one device. 

To communicate with your child through the Xplora XGO3 watch, you and all other contacts must have an account on the Xplora app. This can be annoying for less tech-savvy families. 

Your champ can enjoy earning coins for every 1,000 steps. He can spend them on games and other kids activities. Other than that, this watch has an alarm clock, the ability to send photos, and notifications if your kid is out of the safe zone. 

What Do We Like About It?

  • Tracks steps precisely
  • Offers data security
  • Is resistant to water
  • A source of fun for kids

What Do We Dislike About It?

  • Every contact needs an account for calling and messaging
  • Customer service is inconsistent

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03. KidiZoom® Smartwatch DX3

The VTEC Kidizoom is one of the most entertaining watches for kids. If your Gizmo watch is not working anymore and you want to give your child an exciting alternative, this watch can be a good option. 

VTEC is a brand synonymous with combining technology and kid-friendly features. Thankfully, its watch puts a tick on them. 

Some of the coolest features of the VTEC Smartwatch are that it can play movement games and two-player games like tic-tac-toe with other DX3 watch wearers. 

Along with built-in games, it has a camera for photos and videos. Also, kids can add stickers and frames after practicing their selfie skills. 

As far as usefulness goes, kids can text via preset messages with other Watch users. They need to be paired, but there is no call feature or other communication feature.

Parents can program the watch to emit reminders when it is time for their child to do something. Like making a bed, emptying the garbage, and so on. Its battery life is also kid-friendly and lasts for one to two days.

What Do We Like About It?

  • Allows kids to play games together on different watches
  • Has kid-friendly features
  • Has a lot of battery life
  • Keeps children active

What Do We Dislike About It?

  • Parents can’t communicate with their kids 
  • Is a bit expensive

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04. Fitbit Ace 3

The Fitbit Ace 3 is a popular choice for simple activity tracking. It allows kids to stay active all day and have fun by earning badges. Also, your child can enjoy parent-approved challenges and become more disciplined day by day. 

If your child just wants to feel tech-savvy, the Fitbit Ace 3 can do the job of providing the necessary features. However, this watch works like an activity tracker too. It tracks sleep, which truly works to motivate kids. 

You will need a Bluetooth connection to operate this watch. It will give you an animated clock face and fitness challenges that parents can opt into for their children. 

Unlike other smartwatches, the Fitbit Ace 3 has a longer battery life, i.e., four days. And if you don’t use the watch and its animated clock face much, you can expect its battery to last for eight days. 

Another splendid feature of this watch is that it is waterproof for up to 50 meters, i.e., 164 feet for non-metric system users. 

What Do We Like About It?

  • Battery life is longer
  • Allows parent-approval challenges only
  • Monitors steps, exercise, and sleep
  • Parents can see the activities

What Do We Dislike About It? 

  • The companion app is bothersome
  • Has no GPS tracking

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05. Apple Watch SE

The Apple Watch SE is better for teenagers. It has all the same functionality and convenience as Apple products. Your child will surely appreciate its sleek and recognizable style. 

Other smartwatches claim to be waterproof, but they are not. Whereas the Apple Watch not only claims to be waterproof but is waterproof. In fact, you can use it while swimming or bathing. 

Apple Watch SE

The Apple Watch has almost all the features we saw in the above products, along with some extras. For instance, if your child is in a crash or falls and is not responsive, it will call 911 automatically. It generally happens when this watch is synced with a phone or if the version has cellular connectivity.

Know that the cheaper versions of the Apple SE only connect via Wi-Fi or with a nearby phone. If you plan on getting cellular connectivity for this watch, you will need to apply for Family Sharing. This will give parents control over the apps they download. Also, it will allow you to share contacts with them. 

Apple Watch users can communicate with each other through the walkie-talkie app. It works via Bluetooth, WiFi, or cellular connections. 

Parents may have trouble with the setup of this watch, as the app has a learning curve. Also, you won’t find any built-in cameras here. 

What Do We Like About It?

  • Encourages kids to be more particular
  • Parents have full control over the watch
  • Is resistant to water
  • Has a sleek and classy style

What Do We Dislike About It? 

  • The battery life is limited
  • Becomes unresponsive sometimes

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06. SpaceTalk Adventurer

Space Talk’s smartwatch is a popular choice for easy communication for kids and parents. It tracks locations accurately and has a simple setup. Other features include step counting, texting, SOS calls, video calls, camera capability, and location tracking.

SpaceTalk Adventurer

Your little one can only communicate with those people on this watch whom you have set as contacts. However, it allows unlimited approved contacts, unlike ordinary smartwatches. 

Space Talk Watch has a school mode that restricts calls and other activities during the set hours. As a result, your child won’t get distracted by this watch during his learning hours. 

Here, the GPS includes in-app distractions and a Google map for parents to see where their children have been. This watch has Wi-Fi connectivity too, which can be a distraction for kids. 

The Space Talk Adventure smartwatch can work with various SIM cards, but not with Verizon or Spring networks. However, you can program it with destinations and times when your child is supposed to be there. 

This watch will also alert you through the app if your child doesn’t arrive at the place on time. 

What Do We Like About It?

  • More durable than other watches
  • Set up is super easy
  • Restricts all activities in school mode
  • Records activities of kids

What Do We Dislike About It?

  • The battery drains within 2 hours
  • Can be distracting for kids

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully, the products will convince you to replace your Gizmo watch. Now let’s go through some queries. 

Which smartwatch is comparable to the Gizmo?

Some amazing smartwatches can beat Gizmo. Like TickTalk 4, Angel Watch, COSMO Jr Track, etc. 

Which watch is better: a Gizmo or a Gabb?

Both the Gizmo watch and Gabb Watch offer great features. However, Gizmo watch is a good option for teenagers, and Gabb Watch is best suited for small children. 

Is Gizmo watch worth it?

When it comes to tracking children and knowing their whereabouts, Gizmo watch is a worthy option. It has all the essential features to save your kid. 


Choosing a Gizmo Watch alternative doesn’t make this watch less valuable. It only stands in competition with reliable watches. 

Anyway, if you want accurate tracking of your child, go with the Xplora XGO3. Or if tracking activity is your priority, the Facebit Ace 3 would be the one for you.

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