Why Is The Gizmo Watch Stuck On QR Code (What To Do?)

Parents need to pair their children’s Gizmo Watch with their phones. For that, they have to install the GizmoHub app and activate the watch. Then the watch shows a QR code, which we need to scan. But what if the Gizmo Watch stuck on the QR code

It can happen when your phone doesn’t have an internet connection or you haven’t updated the app. But if your watch gets frozen and stuck on the QR code, you must give it a factory data reset. 

All concerned parents who care for their children must know the causes and fixes behind the Gizmo Watch software issues.

Why Is The Gizmo Watch Stuck On QR Code? Let’s Troubleshoot

When you opt to set up your child’s Gizmo watch, we need to first activate the watch and pair it with your device. What do you see after activating the watch? It should be a QR code. 

If you are lucky, your watch will operate, and you can scan that QR code on your phone to pair both devices. 

But there is a chance for that QR code to be stuck on the screen. The Gizmo Watch is not inferior, but since it is a device, it can communicate sometimes. 

Anyway, you may see that your phone can’t scan it, but the QR code is still visible on the screen. You may also see that your phone scanned the QR code, but still, the screen is showing the QR code. 

It seems like the device has frozen. Let’s dig into the reasons and fixes.

Reason 01: No Internet Connection

Before connecting the Gizmo Watch to your device, you must read its user manual. There you will find the instructions, like downloading the app, filling out the child’s information, pairing the device, etc. 

Also, you will see that the guide mentions that a cellular network or Wi-Fi network is necessary to pair the phone with the Gizmo Watch. 

For instance, you have the app downloaded and the watch activated. While scanning the QR code, you may see the watch’s screen still showing the QR code. 

That can be because you don’t have an internet connection on your phone; that’s why it couldn’t scan and the screen is still showing the QR code. 

Before you think of any major troubleshooting when you see the stuck QR code, see if your device has an internet connection or not. If not, you must ensure connectivity. And if not, this could be another problem.

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Reason 02: Not Updating The GizmoHubApp

Hopefully, you know that you have to scan the QR code of the watch with the camera of the GizmoHub app. Since the app has to do with the Gizmo watch’s software, it needs to have proper operation. 

You can’t expect your child’s watch to work fine if its carrier app isn’t fine. The GizmoHub app gives frequent updates.

If you don’t update your app, it may not control your watch, and your watch may not pair with your device and just show the QR code. 

Updating this app is super easy. After opening the GizmoHub app, go to More, then Manage Device, then Child’s Device, and you will get the software updates. Now you can try scanning the QR code; hopefully, it will work then.

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Reason 03: Not Deleting The Previous Gizmo

Let’s say you are using a replacement device from Gizmo Watch, or maybe you just gave your watch a reset. 

In that case, you have to pair your device again with the GizmoHub app. You are ready to pair your new watch with the app, but the watch is still showing a QR code. Why? 

It could be because you haven’t seen your previous gizmo. To pair the Gizmo Watch with the app, you can’t have another Gizmo connected. Or else, you can’t pair the device you want to, and the QR code will be there on the watch. 

Before you delete your previous device, make sure you have good connectivity and an updated app. Then open the app, press More, then Manage Device. Now you will have the option of deleting devices. 

Tap on the device you intend to delete, and then tap on Delete Gizmo. Now you can connect your new device smoothly and scan the QR code.

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Reason 04: Frozen Device

The QR code will be visible on the screen if you can’t connect your Gizmo Watch with the GizmoHub app. But if you tried out all the fixes and nothing worked, your watch may have frozen. 

Not only the Gizmo Watch’s manual but also other watch manuals recommend giving the device a factory data reset if it freezes or becomes blank. Most often, the Gizmo Watch becomes unresponsive when it requires a factory data reset. 

Anyway, performing a factory data reset on a Gizmo Watch takes a few minutes. You need to connect the watch to a charger and press the watch’s back/end button four times. 

Now, the screen will show you Reset Gizmo with a checkmark icon. Tap on that icon, and your watch will reset and reactivate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

So now it is clear to us about the reasons and solution for a Gizmo watch that sticks to a QR code. Yet, some potential queries make satiety for watchful parents 

What does Gizmo Watch do?

The Gizmo Watch works by tracking location and accounting steps, allowing kids to call, text, etc. Also, kids can use it to play games, take pictures, and do tasks. 

What if the GizmoHub app doesn’t work?

The GizmoHub app may not work when it is suffering glitches or software issues. You can fix it by uninstalling the app and installing it again. Then you can log into your account. 

Does the Gizmo Watch need WiFi?

Since the Gizmo Watch is a kid’s smartwatch, it does not have internet access. However, Gizmo Watch works under Verizon coverage. To control this watch, the carrier device needs the internet, not the watch. 

Can the Gizmo Watch connect to Bluetooth?

The Gizmo Watch can connect to Bluetooth as it is compatible with it. This connectivity allows kids to enjoy games like Gizmo Says, Tic Tac Toe, etc. 

Wrapping Up

When you see your Gizmo Watch stuck on QR code, check the basic settings first. like the internet connection, software update, battery life, etc. 

Then you can check if another device is still connected to the app or not. If you have tried all the fixes and the QR code is still visible, your last resort should be giving the watch a factory data reset. Because you have become unresponsive. 

You can seek customer support from the GizmoHub app if you can’t figure out the issue. They will give you the best advice.

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