How to Factory Reset Smartwatch Without Password? (Easy Steps)

Smartwatches have taken convenience to the next level. But forgetting the password for your smartwatch can be quite frustrating, as there are no ways of bypassing a security code! In this situation, resetting your smartwatch is the only way to access it.

So how to do it? You can access the reboot option for your smartwatch using a pattern of manual inputs. The methods may be slightly different for Android and IOS smartwatches, but for third-party devices, any of the methods might work!

And to learn how to access and fully factory reset your smartwatch, keep reading!   

How to Factory Reset Smartwatch Without a Password?

The methods of resetting your smartwatch will vary slightly depending on what type of smartwatch you have, i.e., IOS or Android. 

But both methods are very easy! All you need to do is push a few buttons. So, let’s look at how to reset both IOS and Android smartwatches in under 5 minutes! 

How to reset an Apple smartwatch? 

Depending on the model, you can reset your Apple smartwatch in two ways. For example, both the home and the down buttons are needed for the resetting methods. 

But for older models, such as the Apple Watch Series 1, you’ll have to use the “force touch” option to access the reboot menu. 

On the contrary, newer models, like the Series 7, can be rebooted using only the home and down buttons. Here is a breakdown of both methods of resetting an Apple Smartwatch: 

Method 1- Without force-touch: (Source)

  • Wake up your smartwatch by pushing the home button. 
  • Now, push and hold the down button until the emergency options come up. The medical ID, SOS, and power-off options should appear on this screen.  
  • Next, press and hold the home button again until a “connect to a power source” screen appears. 
  • As instructed, connect your Apple watch to a power source, such as a wireless charger. 
  • Now, the reset option should pop up. Simply tap the “reset” option and wait for your Apple watch to reset. 

Once the factory reset is complete, pair your iPhone with your Apple Watch and enter a new password! Now, let’s look at how to reset other models of Apple watches. 

Method 2- Resetting using forced touch:

  • Wake your Apple watch by pushing on the home button 
  • Now, press and hold down the power button or side button. Until the “power off” and “SOS” options pop up. 
  • There’s a space between the Power off and SOS options. Click on that space and hold until the reset option comes up. This is called a forced touch. 
  • Now, tap on the “erase all contents and settings” option. 
  • Next, connect your Apple watch to a power source. 
  • A final warning pop-up will appear once connected to a power source. To approve the factory reset, simply tap on the green check mark and wait for your Apple watch to finish the factory reset! 

That’s it! Now you know how to fully reset both newer and older models of Apple watches! Let’s move on to non-IOS smartwatches now. 

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How to reset an Android smartwatch?

The method of resetting an Android smartwatch, such as a Galaxy Watch5 Pro, is similar to resetting Apple watches, so it shouldn’t seem too hard. Here’s the guide: 

  • Push and hold the home and down or side buttons simultaneously until the brand logo pops up. The power off screen may show up in between. 
  • Now, tap the home button a few times until the reboot menu appears. 
  • From here, select the “recovery” option. Use the power button to scroll down the options. 
  • Now press and hold the power button while on the recovery option, and the main boot menu should pop up. 
  • From here, scroll down, select the “wipe data/factory reset” option, and hold down the power button/home button. 
  • Now choose the “factory data reset” option and push the power button/home button to select it.
  • From here, the factory reset will start. Another “reboot watch” option will pop up; simply click on the power button again to authorize the full resetting. 

That’s it! The reboot is done. It’s important to note that the methods may vary slightly for other smartwatches. We suggest simply looking up resetting methods for your smartwatch brand and model. 

Also, some Android models, particularly third-party brands using the IOS factory reset method, may work perfectly! 

Things to Consider While Factory Resetting Your Smartwatch

For most people, putting their smartwatch through a full factory reset is the only way to gain access to it. 

This is mainly if you’ve forgotten the password. However, there are some things you should consider before resetting your smartwatch. 

The main thing is that all your data will be completely wiped from the smartwatch. The reset will also un-pair your smartphone with the smartwatch. 

If you’re looking not to lose any of your data, it wouldn’t be wise to go and reset it. However, if you’ve forgotten your passcode, there may not be another option either. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are some frequently asked questions relating to today’s topic. You may find these questions helpful if you have any remaining confusion!

Can you reset your smartwatch using your smartphone? 

No, you cannot reset your smartwatch using your smartphone. Your phone is only paired with your smartwatch to share data. However, the mechanisms are all independent. 

Will resetting your smartwatch result in losing data on your smartphone? 

No, resetting your smartwatch won’t result in losing data on your smartphone. However, any data on your smartwatch, such as calendars, steps, Gmail, Apple ID, etc., will be erased. 

Can a smartwatch be reset using a smartphone without a password? 

Unless you can access your smartwatch, you won’t be able to reset the smartwatch password without a factory reset! Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to bypass the security passcode on smartwatches. However, on some smartwatches, a universal passcode may be added. 

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Final Words 

Security passcodes on your smartwatch are given to prevent access from unknown people; bypassing them is almost impossible. In this case, you must perform a factory reset to regain access. However, you will lose all your existing data! 

This is why it’s always best to try to remember your passwords. But if you have forgotten it and need to restore your smartwatch, our article will help! 

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