Why is My Gabb Watch Overheating? [All You Need to Know]

Gabb wireless watch is literally a nano smartphone itself; the only difference is its size and design compared to the phone. It is usually a great option for the kids expecting a smartwatch to use. 

However, many users are asking: why is my Gabb watch overheating? It is because the Gabb watches don’t have any built-in cooling fans. So, when someone uses it constantly a day long, it can cause it to overheat. 

If you want to explore more, then let’s check out the following subsections. These are the reasons and possible ways to troubleshoot and fix the problem. 

What Causes a Gabb Watch to Overheat?

Like other smartwatches, the Gabb watch can overheat due to several reasons. Here are some possible causes: 

Intensive Usage 

This is the most common reason for experiencing an overheating Gabb watch. If you’re doing resource-intensive operations like playing games or constantly demanding apps, it will put strain on the watch and cause overheating. 

Poor Ventilation 

Poor ventilation is another important cause of overheating your Gabb smartwatch. 

If the air vents around the watch are blocked, it will obstruct the airflow and prevent heat dissipation resulting in overheating. 


If your Gabb watch is constantly searching for a stable Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection, it can cause increased power usage and lead the watch to heat up.

Keeping any unnecessary connections activated when not in use can also result in heat generation.

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Apps Issues 

If you use several apps at the same time or keep them open for an extended period of time, it puts stress on the watche’s processor. When the processor is overloaded, it can cause overheating. 

Software Bugs

Software bugs or glitches are also responsible for excessive processor usage and increased heat generation. It happens when the software on your Gabb wireless watch is not up to date. 

Background Processes 

If you continuously use a feature on your Gabb smartwatch such as GPS tracking or heart beat monitoring, it can contribute to overheating. 

It’s because these features require more battery power and put strain on the watche’s processor. 

Battery Issues 

Battery issues come when your Gabb watch is getting old. Over time, the battery can degrade and fails to hold a charge or distribute power efficiently. These issues will cause energy loss and result in heat generation.

Poor Cellular Signal 

If you make voice calls on your Gabb wireless watch, it can considerably overheat in regions of lower cellular signal. Like a smartphone, the Gabb watches also use more power to catch more powerful signals and increase power consumption. As a result, the battery drains fast and rises in temperature.

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Environmental Factors 

Extreme environmental conditions such as high ambient temperature or exposure directly to sunlight can contribute to overheating.

So, wearing your Gabb watch in extreme hot conditions can increase the temperature of the watch. 

Hardware Malfunction 

In rare cases, a faulty hardware component can cause your Gabb watch to heat up. It may happen when none of the above causes is responsible for the overheating problem. 

Remember, if your Gabb is consistently overheating and impacting its performance, it’s recommended to consult a professional diagnostics or follow proper steps to resolve the problem.

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How to Troubleshoot and Fix an Overheating Gabb Watch?

If your Gabb watch is already overheating for any reason, luckily there are some handy workouts to fix it. Here are some troubleshooting steps and fixes you can try: 

Solution-1: Remove the Watch and the Case

When you encounter your Gabb watch overheating, the first thing to do is just let it cool. So, remove the watch from your hand. You should also remove the protective case if your watch has one. 

Solution-2: Update the Watch

Next, check for software updates on your watch and make sure that your Gabb watche’s software is up to date. To do so, here are the steps to follow: 

  • Swipe right off the screen. 
  • Go to Settings
Image Source 

  • Tap the down arrow ⬇️ icon. 
Image Source
  • Now, tap Check update. 
Image Source 
  • If any update is available, Download and Install it. 

But if you see ‘Your Software is up to date’, then your watch is already updated. 

Image Source

So, try the next step. 

Solution-3: Close Resource-Intensive Apps

As the resource-intensive apps can contribute to overheating your Gabb wear watch, close them to reduce stress on the CPU. If the temperature is still rising on your watch, check out the next method. 

Solution-4: Restart the Gabb Watch

This is one of the most effective solutions for an overheated Gabb watch. Once you restart your watch, it clears any temporary software glitches and refreshes the system. 

To restart your watch, simply press and hold the Power button until the screen shows ‘Do you want to turn off?’ Then tap the Power off sign to confirm. 

Once the watch is turned off, wait for a couple of seconds and turn it on back by pressing the same button.

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Solution-5: Check for Obstructions

Visually inspect the ventilation vents on your Gabb wear band and make sure that they are not obstructed by dirt, clothing, or other objects. Remove any debris that may hinder proper airflow and clothing. 

Solution-6: Turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or GPS

Do your Gabb wear watches still overheat? Then try this method. Disable the wireless services like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or GPS to stop the overheating issue. 

These features can put a strain on your watche’s CPU. So, when you don’t use these features, there’s no need to keep them active.   

Solution-7: Reset to Factory Settings 

If none of the above solutions resolve the overheating issue, you can try resetting your Gabb watch. 

But it is important to note that it will erase all data on the watch. So, ensure you have a backup if necessary. To reset your Gabb wear watch, you can follow these steps: 

  • Press and hold the power button until a menu appears on the screen. 
  • Use the navigation button or the touch screen (if available) to select the Reset or Factory Reset from the menu. It could be labeled differently, such as “Wipe Data” or “Reset to Default Settings.”
  • Once you’ve selected the reset option, you will typically be prompted to confirm your choice.
  •  prompted, enter any required passwords or PINs to proceed with the reset. Confirm your selection, and the Watch will begin the reset process.
  • After the reset is complete, the Gabb Watch will reboot and return to the initial setup process. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up the watch again, including connecting it to your phone or configuring any desired settings.

Solution-8: Contact Manufacturer or Service Center 

If the overheating issue persists even after trying the above methods, it is recommended to contact the manufacturer’s customer support. You can also take the watch to an authorized service center for further investigation and assistance. 

They will be able to provide specific guidance and potentially repair or replace the watch if necessary.

Tips to Prevent Overheating Issue on Gabb Watch 

You can prevent overheat issues on you Gabb watch by following the tips below: 

  • Keep your Gabb watche’s software up to date. 
  • Close unnecessary apps and background processes to reduce the workload on the processor.
  • Keep the Gabb smartwatch away from the direct sunlight.
  • Disable unused connectivity options.
  • Reduce the brightness of the watch’s screen. 
  • Avoid operating the watch while charging.
  • Keep your Gabb watch clean.

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Troubleshooting an overheated Gabb watch can be a bit tricky and confusing. So, here we have answered some more queries usually found on the internet. 

Can overheating damage my Gabb watch? 

Yes, it can. Excessive overheating can damage the internal components of your Gabb watch. It will result in performance issues or even any permanent damage. 

How long does an overheated Gabb watch take to cool down? 

The cooling time will depend on the thoroughness of overheating. It is better to turn off the watch and allow it to cool naturally. 

Can I wear my Gabb watch while swimming?

No, you cannot wear your Gabb watch while swimming, bathing, or showering as the watch is not waterproof. But there’s nothing wrong if your kids washes their hands or sweats while wearing the watch as it is water resistant. 

Does the Gabb wireless watch have any cooling accessories? 

No. Unfortunately, there’s no official cooling accessories for the Gabb watches. But you can purchase a cooling pad to fritter the heat away while charging the device. 


The Gabb wireless watch is undoubtedly a remarkable stand-alone smartwatch that offers everything your child needs to communicate with you. 

But overheating issues can potentially bother your kids due to excessive usage, poor maintenance, hardware problems, or software issues. 

However, to address overheating concerns, it’s important to implement proper usage habits, maintain the software/firmware, and ensure a suitable environment for the Gabb Watch.

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