GizmoWatch 2 Vs 3 In-Depth Comparison: Which One Is Better?

Verizon’s GizmoWatch series has garnered attention for its innovative features and reliability. With the recent release of GizmoWatch 3, it is natural to ponder how it compares to its predecessor, GizmoWatch 2. 

So, what are the differences between GizmoWatch 2 and 3? While both watches offer various features to provide peace of mind, they differ in design, functionality, and connectivity.

Incorporating the SOS button, video calling option, and Bluetooth earbuds connectivity are some of the features that create the real difference. But which one should you choose? Let’s find it out. 

GizmoWatch 2 Vs 3 – Comparison Table

To begin our exploration of the Gizmowatch 2 and 3, let’s first take a look at the comprehensive comparison table provided below. 

AttributeGizmoWatch 2GizmoWatch 3
Camera❌ Not available✅ Available
Video calling❌ Not Enabled✅ Enabled
Emergency SOS button❌ Not Included✅ Included
Stopwatch✅ Available✅ Available
GamingKangaroo Jumping GameGizmo Says, Tic Tac Toe and Puzzle
Water ResistanceIP67IP68
Calculator❌ Not Available✅ Available
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2500Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100
Memory4 GB8 GB
Battery500 mAh510 mAh
PriceBudget-friendlyRelatively Expensive

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Differences Between GizmoWatch 2 And 3

So, how far has the latest GizmoWatch 3 gone from its closest predecessor, the GizmoWatch 2? To get it clarified, let’s discuss their differences in detail. 

Design and Appearance

Frankly speaking, there are a few differences in the design and appearance between the GizmoWatch 2 and the GizmoWatch 3. 

However, whatever changes Verizon has brought to the latest model is noteworthy indeed. In this case, the inclusion of a front camera and SOS button snatches the show. 

The GizmoWatch 3 features a wide bezel to house the front camera, which isn’t available in the GizmoWatch 2. While both watches come with two buttons, their functionality has been changed significantly. 

For instance, the GizmoWatch 2 has two buttons dedicated to power on/off and backward movement. 

On the other hand, the GizmoWatch 3 has a dedicated SOS button. Another button has three functions. Nevertheless, the GizmoWatch 3 has only two color options, whereas the GizmoWatch 2 has four.

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Verizon has made the true “upgrade” in terms of connectivity in their GizmoWatch 3, and here, this model has a clear edge over the GizmoWatch 2. 

The most appreciated change in the GizmoWatch 3 is the incorporation of a 5MP front camera, which is absent in the GizmoWatch 2. 

Consequently, GizmoWatch 3 is able to connect parents with their kids via video calls and video messages, which isn’t possible in the GizmoWatch 2. 

While both models have Bluetooth, its functionality has a clear difference. For instance, the Bluetooth option in the Verizon 2 model is confined to connecting friends via the Gizmo Buddy app. 

On the other hand, Gizmo 3 is equipped with a Bluetooth connectivity option that allows kids to connect their watch with TWS or Bluetooth headphones. And yes, Gizmo Buddies is also supported.


The construction materials in both GizmoWatch 2 and 3 are tempered glass, silicon, and hard polycarbonate. However, Verizon has upgraded the water resistance rating for the GizmoWatch 3 model. 

This means the GizmoWatch 3 offers slightly better protection from water and dust.

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Battery Life

You never want to get your kid out of reach just because the smartwatch is dead unexpectedly. So, battery life is quite important when it comes to kids’ smartwatches. 

Luckily, both GizmoWatch 2 and 3 offer quite impressive battery life. However, the GizmoWatch 3 is slightly better here once again. 

The credit goes to its new Qualcomm snapdragon 4100 wear chipset that offers up to 20% standby and even 80% increased talk time. 

Alongside, the battery rating is slightly upgraded from GizmoWatch 2’s 500mAh to 510mAh in the GizmoWatch 3 model.

Safety Features

Verizon has always prioritized the safety features in every single model of their kids’ watches. So, both GizmoWatch 2 and 3 give parents peace of mind with their exclusive safety features. 

Features like GPS tracking, Geofencing, the parent-controlled contact list, etc., have made both watches reliable choices. 

However, as an upgraded model, the GizmoWatch 3 has some excellent changes that make a huge difference in efficiently ensuring your kid’s safety. 

For instance, the number of safe zone selections has been increased. With this feature, parents will be notified immediately whenever kids go outside these safe zones. 

This astonishing feature is a real game changer that parents will miss in the GizmoWatch 2. And, of course, the SOS button of the GizmoWatch 3 also gives kids a sense of protection no matter where they are.

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Easy of Use

GizmoWatches have always been praised for their easy-to-use and kid-friendly user interface. The same thing goes for GizmoWatch 2 and 3 as well. 

However, in terms of ease of use, the GizmoWatch 2 will be on the upper hand as it comes with only the most vital things you need for kids’ safety and connectivity. 

Nothing fancy or unnecessary here in the GizmoWatch 2. In the case of the GizmoWatch 3, every single option and improvement indeed has its usefulness. 

However, the implementation of advanced features necessitates a bit of expertise or practice to use the watch efficiently. 

Price and Purchase

As an update model, it’s usual for GizmoWatch 3 to have a higher price tag than the GizmoWatch 2. The price of the latest GizmoWatch 3 is $149, while the GizmoWatch 2 is only $99. 

However, we’re quite surprised to know that Verizon has reduced the duration of the financing facility to 24 months for the GizmoWatch 3 model. 

On the other hand, you get their well-known 36-month financing option for the GizmoWatch 2.

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Similarities Between GizmoWatch 2 And 3

Since the GizmoWatch 3 is a successor of the GizmoWatch 2, it’s usual to find more or less similarities between them. Here have a look at some features shared by both GizmoWatch 2 and 3. 

  • Both watches support two-way calling, enabling kids to contact their parents whenever needed easily. 
  • The built-in GPS tracker and geofencing are standard in both GizmoWatch 2 and 3, allowing parents to keep track of their kid’s location in real time.
  • Both watches offer texting capabilities with predefined messages, allowing parents and kids to exchange quick messages when voice communication is not possible.
  • They each include step-tracking features that help kids stay active throughout the day. 
  • As Verizon products, both devices require a subscription to use all their features. The activation fee and monthly payment are $35 and $10.

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GizmoWatch 2 or 3: What Should Be Your Choice?

It’s evident that both GizmoWatch 2 and 3 offer reliable communication capabilities and advanced safety features that ensure peace of mind while nurturing your kid’s independence.

However, when it comes to choosing one between them, it becomes a matter of your preferences as a parent and your kid’s specific needs. And yes, the condition of your pocket has a great influence here.

As we already mentioned, the GizmoWatch 2 is slightly more affordable than its successor. This makes it a great option for budget-conscious parents seeking dependable tracking capabilities and basic communication functionality. 

However, if you desire additional features like video calling and interactive games for your kid’s entertainment, investing in the GizmoWatch 3 would be well worth it.

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If you’re still on the hunt for more information about the ongoing GizmoWatch 2 Vs 3 debate, check the following FAQ section. 

Can Gizmo 3 connect to Wifi?

Yes, the GizmoWatch 3 connects to Wi-Fi. However, the Wi-Fi connection serves solely for receiving signals to facilitate location services and does not support the transmission of Wi-Fi signals.

Can you use GizmoWatch 2 or 3 without a phone?

Both the GizmoWatch 2 and 3 function as standalone wrist-worn devices, eliminating the need for a smartphone for operation. They are equipped with built-in cellular connectivity.

Do GizmoWatch 2 and 3 have airplane mode?

GizmoWatches are equipped with Airplane mode. During the activation of this feature, the device will be unable to send or receive messages, as well as utilize any data services.

Final Words

The Gizmo Watch 2 and Gizmo Watch 3 are both impressive wearables that are sure to capture the attention of tech-savvy families everywhere.

While the Gizmo Watch 2 offers essential features such as calling and messaging, the Gizmo Watch 3 takes it a step further with additional features like an SOS button and a camera. 

However, whether you prioritize affordability or advanced features, both watches offer reliable communication and monitoring capabilities for parents and peace of mind for children.

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