Why Is The Gizmo Watch Not Charging? [Causes And Fixes]

GizmoWatch, a renowned smartwatch for kids, has great features. It has one problem, and that is with the charging. Most parents complain about their Gizmo Watch not charging. What are the solutions? 

Well, GizmoWatch may fail to charge if its charging points are not clean or if there is any problem with the charging wire. Some common fixes could be cleaning the watch often, getting another charging wire, or unplugging and plugging the charger again. 

GizmoWatch has loads of reasons to disrupt charging, and fixes are also there. Let’s find out. 

Troubleshooting and fix for gizmo watch not charging

The most common issue with the GizmoWatch is its charging. Surprisingly, you can solve this problem with some consciousness. Let’s see what those simple fixes are. 

Clean The Watch And Charger

In the back part of the GizmoWatch, there are tiny holes that attract carbon and other buildup. Also, the charging point of your watch can get dirty if not cleaned for a long time. 

According to many users, the GizmoWatch does not charge when it has dirt in its back part or the charging point. Once they remove the dirt, the watch charges like usual. 

You can use ethanol, a cotton swab, or an alcohol wipe to clean your watch and charger. Focus on the connector plates too. Since dirt is a barrier to connection, you can connect the cord easily after removing all the dirt.

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Charge In Dry Connection Points

As we said, cleaning the back part of the GizmoWatch or the charging point can solve the issue of charging. Yet, as you may see, the watch is not charging even after cleaning. That’s because you tried charging your watch without letting it dry. 

This issue will arise if you use any of the mentioned disinfectants on your watch. After using them, you must let them dry, or else there could be more issues with the watch. 

Hopefully, you know what you have to do. After using a cotton swab, ethanol, or any cleansing wipe on your watch, you must wait for 10 to 20 minutes to let it dry completely. Then you can try charging your GizmoWatch, and it may work successfully. 

Unplug And Plug The Charger Again

Has this happened to you? If your device is not charging, you unplug and plug the charger again, and your device starts charging. This can happen with GizmoWatch as well. 

Almost all smartwatches and smartphones don’t charge when their chargers are plugged in first, and the GizmoWatch is no exception. Maybe you haven’t plugged in the adapter or cord properly; that’s why it is not charging. 

Before you think of any major reason your GizmoWatch is not charging, see if you have plugged everything in correctly. Also, try unplugging and then plugging in the adapter.

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Press And Hold The Power Button

The rule to charge GizmoWatch is to plug the charging cord into the watch and then plug its other end into the adapter. 

Afterwards, you have to charge the adapter at an electric outlet. This is not all; you have to press and hold the power button as well to let the watch charge. 

One mistake most users make is that they don’t press and hold the power button after plugging everything in. 

The next morning, they see that the watch hasn’t charged at all. This could be because you did not turn the power button on. 

The fix is easy here. After plugging the watch’s charging adapter into your electric outlet, press and hold the power button. Then it will blink red, and then you can be assured of the charging.

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Don’t Use The Watch While Charging

When you use a smartwatch like the GizmoWatch while it’s charging, its battery gets stressed. This can even heat up your GizmoWatch. 

Perhaps your GizmoWatch is not charging because you frequently use it when it is charging. Too much stress on the battery can prevent it from operating further. So this can be a reason for your GizmoWatch’s battery to run out. 

Don’t make the mistake of using the GizmoWatch while charging. Guide this to your child too; he may not know about it. 

Don’t Use Other Charging Cords And Adapters

GizmoWatch has its charging cord and adapter in its package. It is like a magnetic charging brick to which you attach your watch’s backside. 

Suppose you can’t find your GizmoWatch’s charging port, or for any reason you have to switch to another port. This can be risky for your watch and may deteriorate its battery. 

In fact, the Gizmowatch’s user manual strictly says to use the Gizmowatch’s charger rather than any other charger.

To let your GizmoWatch charge perfectly every time, use only its charger. Maybe you used another charging cord; that’s why it was not charging. The GizmoWach’s charger may do the job.

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Use Another Charging Port

We would always recommend using GizmoWatch’s charger for its watch. But sometimes another charging wire gives us a temporary solution, which is not bad. 

If your GizmoWatch’s charger is the problem, there is no point in charging it, even though its manual says so. For assurance, check out the charging port to see if any pins are broken or bent. If you find it, the charger cannot serve you.

Since your GizmoWatch’s charger is the culprit, you have to buy a new GizmoWatch charger. Until then, you can charge your watch with any charging cord that suits it. 

Note: Using another charging port for a GizmoWatch should be a one-time solution, not every time

Check For Warranty

Most of us forget that no device can work as expected after it has outlived its lifespan. However, GizmoWatch also comes with an estimated life or warranty. It means it is going to work fine, including charging, unless it is used under warranty.

When you have tried out all the steps to fix your GizmoWatch’s charging issues but nothing has worked, maybe your watch is expired. It is inevitable for a void watch to have charging issues. 

Your GizmoWatch can’t serve you after it is no longer valid. You have to go buy a new watch, then.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully, the above fixes helped charge your GizmoWatch again. Yet, we can dig deeper into the concept with some queries. 

How do you know if your GizmoWatch is charging?

To charge your GizmoWatch, you must connect its USB cable to an electric source. Before that, align the charger with your watch’s back. If your watch is charging, it will ring. 

What should you do if your GizmoWatch doesn’t turn on?

Firstly, try pressing and holding the power button of your GizmoWatch. If it doesn’t turn on, you have to reset the watch on your device. Open the GizmoHub app, go to settings, and you’ll find the option for resetting. 

How long does the GizmoWatch’s battery last?

The Verizon GizmoWatch has a battery life of 1.5 to 3 days, depending on usage. Whereas the GizmoWatch 3 has a battery life of 3.6 days, it can be reduced if used all day long. 


Unless you are within your GizmoWatch’s warranty, you can expect positive results after trying these fixes. 

Also remember that getting water inside the watch can hinder its charging capabilities, although it is waterproof. If you find any signs of water in your GizmoWatch, use an absorbent to soak it. 

If none of the solutions work, you must reach out to the customer support that Verizon Gizmo provides.

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