How To Charge Smartwatch Without Charger? (Full Guide)

One of the most cutting-edge technology we have ever seen is the smartwatch, which is constantly improving. By wearing a smartwatch, you may track your heart rate and other physical activity, among other advantages.

If you own a smartwatch, you should be aware that it constantly drains its battery due to the frequent heart-rate monitoring it performs. How To Charge Smartwatch Without Charger? How well-versed are you in charging your smartwatch in an emergency? If you answered no to this question, you require this guide.

Reasons to Charge a Smartwatch Without Charger

Several circumstances may necessitate charging a smartwatch without a charger. You need the charger to charge your smartwatch while you’re away from home since you’re travelling, which is the most frequent reason.

The fact that you need to charge your smartwatch straight away and your charger is lost somewhere else is another factor. To charge your smartwatch without a charger, try one of the following techniques.

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Different Methods to Charge a Smartwatch Without Charger

How To Charge Smartwatch Without Charger – A smartwatch can be charged via a variety of techniques that do not require the original charger. When an original charger is not available or you misplace it, you can use any of these techniques. The following are some of the methods:

1. Using a USB cable

How To Charge Smartwatch using usb cable

Many smartwatches can be charged using a USB cable; you only need a computer or laptop to connect the cable to charge your smartwatch. 

A USB cable is an inexpensive and convenient way to charge your smartwatch. Most smartwatches are compatible with any USB cable. They are easily available at any store.


  • USB cables are easily available
  • Easy to use
  • Compatible many smartwatches


  • Slow charging as compared to the original charger

2. Using a portable battery pack

How To Charge Smartwatch using portable battery

The portable battery pack is small battery storage that you use to charge your smartwatch when you don’t have the original charger of a smartwatch.

The portable battery pack is a device you can carry anywhere to charge other devices.


  • A Portable Battery Pack is small
  • Easy to use
  • Portable (Carry Easy)


  • Small charge capacity
  • Expensive
  • You need to carry a separate cable to charge other devices

3. Using a power bank

How To Charge Smartwatch using power bank

The Power bank is like a Portable battery pack. Still, the main difference is you can store more charge than a portable battery pack. You can carry the power bank anywhere because it is portable and connect multiple devices like a smartwatch, mobile phone, and other small devices simultaneously for charging.


  • Portable
  • Easy to use
  • Large charge capacity
  • Attach multiple devices at the same time


  • Heavyweight
  • Expensive
  • Slow charging

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4. Using solar energy

How To Charge Smartwatch using solar energy

Some smartwatches have small solar panels on the top of the mirror, which charges the smartwatch directly from the sun. It is a good option for charging a smartwatch without needing any other way of charging. 


  • Smartwatch always charged
  • Free energy
  • Inexpensive


  • Slow speed
  • Only a few have solar panels
  • Cloudy weather

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5. Using a car charger

How To Charge Smartwatch using car charger

This method is best for you if you spend lots of time in your car. You can charge your smartwatch with the help of the car cigarette lighter plugin, which is used for any purpose. Still, you can also plug in the charger to charge your smartwatch while driving.


  • Easy way of charging if you spend lots of time in the car


  • Not portable
  • Need a special charging cable

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6. Using a wireless charger

How To Charge Smartwatch using wireless charger

Nowadays, some smartwatches come with wireless charging features, which allow your smartwatch to place above the wireless charger to charge the device. For using wireless charging, you don’t need a cable. You can put a wireless charger into your car, and when you need to charge your smartwatch, place it above your watch.


  • No need for cables
  • Fast charging


  • Expensive
  • Not portable
  • Not all of them have these features


In conclusion, the best method of charging your smartwatch without a charger is by using a charger that has a USB cable. This will allow you to charge your smartwatch without any issues. However, if you don't have a charger that has a USB cable, then you can use an adapter. This will allow you to use the charger that you have at home. And the second best method is wireless charging but remember, it's only available on a few devices.

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How do I charge my smartwatch?

All smartwatches have built-in batteries; the capacities of the batteries depend on the watch you have. For charging, you have to connect the smartwatch to a charger.

How long does it take to charge my smartwatch?

It depends on the type of battery that you have in your smartwatch. Some smartwatches have a battery that lasts for a week or two or months. Other smartwatches have a battery that lasts for 2 to 3 days.

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