Can You Get A Gizmo Watch Without Verizon? [5 Best Alternatives]

There is an ever-lasting question among parents who favor Gizmo watches for their kids’ safety. Can you get a Gizmo watch without Verizon?

The short answer is “No”. You can’t get a Gizmo watch without Verizon. Since the Gizmo watch was introduced by Verizon, you’ll have to purchase it from them with a $35 activation fee. And yes, add the price of the watch with this. 

However, we believe you’re conscious about your kids, so it won’t be surprising to know that you’re conscious of your purchase as well. Hence, before you invest your money in a Gizmo watch, keep yourself well-informed with us. 

Can you use Gizmo without having a Verizon account?

A lot of people ask about whether they can use a Gizmo watch without having a Verizon account. The answer is also “No” here. 

From purchasing to enjoying all the functions of a Gizmo watch, you must have a Verizon account. 

In addition, there should be a stable 4G LTE network coverage in your area. Once you subscribe to a Verizon plan and you’re under the LTE coverage, you can use a Gizmo watch. 

Difference Between Gizmo Watch and Other Kids Smartwatches

The Gizmo watch isn’t a type of “alien” in the world of kids’ smartwatch. So, you can see similarities in basic features and functionalities. 

However, there are some noticeable facts that set Gizmo watches apart from competitors. Here we will show you those differences.

FeatureGizmo WatchOther Kids’ Smartwatches
Network ConnectivityRestricted to Verizon networkUse a variety of cellular networks
International UseLimited to Verizon coverageOffers worldwide network coverage
Monthly Financing OpportunityAvailable with Verizon financing plansSome may offer financing options
Unique Subscription PlanActivation fee of $35 and $10/month VerizonSubscription plans may vary
ProcessorSnapdragon Wear 4100+May use different processors
Battery Life Improvement85% more talk time, 25% longer standby timeBattery life may vary

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Restricted to Verizon Network

The most prominent distinguishing factor between the Gizmo watch and other kid’s smartwatches is the network connectivity. As we have already mentioned, you can’t get a Gizmo watch without Verizon. 

It has other meanings as well. Basically, you’re bound to use the Verizon network to operate a Gizmo watch. On the other hand, if you choose other smartwatches, you can use your preferred cellular network. 

This also implies that you can’t use a GizmoWatch internationally, while some popular kids smartwatches like Angel Watch, TickTalk4, and Xplora X5 Play offer worldwide network coverage.

Monthly Financing Opportunity

Did you know that Verizon lets you finance their GizmoWatches over 36 months? Yes, it’s surprising but true. 

For instance, the GizmoWatch 3 is priced at $149, but if you are unable to pay the amount at once, you can break it down to $4.96 per month. 

In the case of the Disney edition, you can have a financing plan of up to 24 months. However, the monthly payment will be $8.33 here. 

As far as we have found, T-Mobile’s SyncUp is the only other kids’ smartwatch with this kind of deal. 

Unique Subscription Plan

Before getting your hands on a GizmoWatch, keep in mind that you’ll have to pay an activation fee of $35. 

Alongside, make sure you budget around $10 per month for the Verizon service plan, too. To be honest, the subscription is totally worth it though.

Snapdragon Wear 4100+ Processor

The GizmoWatch 3 takes pride in being the first Kids smartwatch with the latest Snapdragon Wear 4100+ platform. 

As far as Qualcomm and Gizmo claim, integrating this chipset will give about 85% more talk time, along with increased standby time by 25%. 

In other words, you can wear it longer, make more calls, and enjoy adventures outside.

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Alternatives to Gizmo Watch that Don’t Require Verizon

If staying restricted to the Verizon network seems bothersome to you, the door to obtaining an alternative is always open to you. 

But the complexity arises when it’s about ensuring the alternative will be as reliable as Gizmo watches. 

In that case, we have gathered a few of the best alternatives to Gizmo watch where you don’t need to think about a Verizon subscription. 

01. TickTalk

If you look carefully, you can see that Gizmo watches are more concentrated on younger kids. But what about older kids? Here comes TickTalk as a fantastic alternative. 

Similar to the Gizmo watches, you need a monthly subscription which costs $10 per month. There is an option of pay-as-you-go that is much simpler. 

However, the satisfying fact is that you have the opportunity to connect the watch to AT&T or T-Mobile in the US and any GSM SIM cellular network outside the US to enjoy every single function without any hassle.

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02. Garmin Bounce

Garmin offers kid-focused watches for kids aged six to twelve. As Garmin advertises, their watch will give kids the first little taste of communication and freedom.

The Garmin Bounce has live location tracking. So voice messaging and text messaging. Though you can’t do live calls or one-on-one real-time calls, you can send voice messages. 

However, to utilize all the features, your area should have Garmin LTE network coverage and you need an active subscription via the Garmin Jr app.

03. Angel Watch

Angel Watch is another tremendous kid’s smartwatch that has been praised for its convenient interface and excellent connectivity. 

This watch comes with a special SOS feature that gives extra peace of mind to parents. The feature initiates an automated call to three pre-selected contacts immediately just by pressing the button for 3 seconds. 

Surprisingly, this calling process continues in a loop until any of the contacts pick up the call. 

In terms of network support, Angel Watch beats Gizmo for its connectivity to AT&T, and T-Mobile in the US and any other GSM SIM network worldwide.

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04. SyncUp Kids Watch

SyncUp Kids Watch is relatively new in the market yet has given tough competition to other renowned brands like the Gizmo. 

This watch is GPS-enabled and there is a full-screen keyboard for messaging. To be honest, this feature is quite amazing and rare in kids’ smartwatch world.  

And most importantly, the number of parent-approved contacts on this watch is unlimited. However, since the watch is marketed by T-Mobile, you’re bound to the T-Mobile network to use the watch. 

05. Gabb Watch

The Gabb Watch has refused to play hide and seek with the Gizmo watch. Because no matter where it hides, the Gizmo watch keeps calling it non-stop. 

Gabwatch is geared towards children who are at least four years old, whereas Gizmo is recommended for children aged between five and ten years.  

This indicates that Gabwatch has a more simplistic design and features to accommodate younger ages. Unlike other alternatives and the Gizmo watches themselves, the Gabb watch is bound to the 3G network.

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Are you thinking about something more we might miss in our above discussion? Check the following FAQ section for additional info. 

Does Gizmo Watch work without cell service?

The Gizmo watch will work with any cell phone that supports the Gizmohub app. And most importantly, you should have a subscription to use the watch via your cell phone’s Gizmohub app. 

Can Gizmo Watch connect to wifi?

Yes, you can connect your Gizmo watch to Wi-Fi. However, this function only enables you to receive location information as the GPS service. That means you can’t rely on Wi-Fi for data transmission. 

Can a GizmoWatch receive calls?

Yes, a Gizmo watch can receive calls. You can also make calls. However, this function is limited to only contacts saved on the device. 

Final Words

It’s clear that you can’t get a Gizmo watch without Verizon. So, if you’re planning to purchase a brand new Gizmo watch for your kid, make sure you contact Verizon first.

And of course, keep the activation fee of $35 to get the device ready to keep your kid always connected with you.

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