How To Activate A Replacement Gizmo Watch? [6 Easy Steps]

Gizmo watches can cause many software glitches, and sometimes resetting them doesn’t work. In that case, you have no other option except to get another Gizmo watch. Now, how to activate a replacement Gizmo Watch

To activate your new Gizmo Watch, power on the watch first, then delete the previous Gizmo from the GizmoHub app and add the new device to the app. Then scan the QR code of the watch from your app’s camera, and you are done activating the watch. Next, you can customize the watch settings as per your preferences. 

There is more to say about some prior steps in activating the Gizmo Watch and customizing its settings. Keep reading! 

How To Activate A Replacement Gizmo Watch?

Since you are using a replacement Gizmo watch, you already know what steps need to be followed to activate a Gizmo watch. However, it is a new Gizmo Watch, which needs to be applied immediately after deleting the old device. So some steps are going to be different. Let’s dig into them. 

Step 01: Power On The Device

Like any device, the Gizmo Watch requires it to be powered on. There are two buttons at the bottom: one is the back button, and the other is the power button. The power button is located on the right side, and the back button is located on the left side. 

You have to press and hold the power button to turn on your device. Then a checkmark icon will be visible on the watch’s screen; simply press on it. 

Step 02: Create An Account On The App

If you already have an account, you don’t need to create one again. However, if you want a new account, you can do that by logging out of your previous one. Then create an account by entering all the information about your kid. 

If you don’t want the hassle of creating a new account, you can tap on Sign in with Google if you haven’t signed in with it before. Then tap on Add Child. 

Step 03: Add Gizmo

As you have deleted your previous Gizmo from the app, you can now add your new Gizmo Watch to the app. For that, tap on Add Gizmo, and then click on Get Started. This will allow your new Gizmo to connect to the GizmoHub app.

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Step 04: Scan The QR Code

Scanning the QR code is not going to be different for your new Gizmo Watch. Your watch showed the QR code right after you powered it on and when it connected to Verizon. Simply scan this QR code from your GizmoHub app’s camera. 

Then tap on the checkmark icon on the watch’s screen, which says your device has been paired with the watch. 

Step 05: Add To Contacts

You will find a section, “Add number to your contacts” on the screen, there you will have two options. They are: yes, add to contacts, and don’t add to contacts. Then go to the Success screen and press Continue.

Step 06: Set Up PIN

This step is optional. If you want to have enhanced security on your Gizmo Watch, you must not compromise by setting a PIN on it. 

In settings, you will find the option to set up a security pin. Set it up by giving your desired 4-digit numbers. Then tap Save, and then OK. 

After the completion of all steps, the GizmoHub navigation screen will appear. Tap on “X” to enter the app.

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How To Customize A Replacement Gizmo Watch Settings?

You can customize your replacement Gizmo watch just like you did for your previous one. Like changing wall faces, wallpaper, and ringtones; managing contacts; enabling the GPS; and so on.

Adding Contacts

After pairing your Gizmo Watch with your phone, add and manage contacts first. For that, you have to go to the GizmoHub app, open the “Contacts” section, and click on Add Contact.

Then enter all the information about the contact you are adding. Lastly, press Save, and add all contacts in the same way. 

Enable GPS

Go to the GizmoHub app and tap on the GPS locator to enable it. Then it will activate all the features. Also, you need to grant permission to enable the GPS locator.

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Adjust Watch Settings

You have to adjust your replacement Gizmo Watch’s settings like you did for your previous Gizmo. Start by opening the watch’s screen, scrolling down, and tapping on settings. 

From the display settings, customize the time duration, brightness, and watch face. Again, you will get the section on sound and notification. From there, you can adjust the sounds of notifications, ringtones, and vibrations. 

There is a section for language input, and you can set the language preference from there. Again, the system updates will allow you to update the software. 

Changing Watch Faces

After opening the Gizmo Watch screen, scroll down and go to the watch face gallery. There, you will get plenty of smartwatches. Choose any one of them, then click on set. 

Customizing Ringtones

You have to customize your replacement Gizmo Watch’s ringtone in the GizmoHub app. So open the app, go to settings, click on ringtone, browse through the ringtones, and choose anyone you like. Lastly, click save.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Only knowing the steps of activating a replacement Gizmo watch is not enough. There are more terms that can relate to setting up the new Gizmo. These queries can be relatable to this concept. 

How do you transfer from one Gizmo to another?

To transfer from one Gizmo to another, open your GizmoHub app, unlock the PIN, and switch left or right from your child’s device. Also, click on the delete device before connecting the new one. 

Can you use your Gizmo Watch without Verizon?

Gizmo Watch works only under Verizon coverage. It is not dependent on any other connections. So, it can’t work with Verizon. 

Can you use your Gizmo Watch without the app?

The GizmoHub app controls the Gizmo Watch. If you don’t use the app, this watch would be of no use. 

What should I do if a Gizmo watch doesn’t pair with the app?

The reason why your Gizmo Watch is not pairing with the GizmoHub app can be due to software issues. In that case, you can give a factory reset to your device, and it will work smoothly again. 

Wrapping Up

Those, who don’t know how to activate a replacement Gizmo Watch, must go through the mentioned steps. You can also get help from the user manual. 

Most importantly, you must update your GizmoHub app and delete your previous Gizmo from the app. Also, make sure your new Gizmo watch has enough battery to let the process go smoothly.

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