Is the Gizmo Watch good for kids? [What Does It Do?]

What can be better for parents who can keep track of their children while letting them fly in the sky? It can happen to you too if you get a Gizmo Watch for your little one. 

Now you might wonder, Is the Gizmo Watch good for kids? What does it do? Well, Gizmo Watch is an excellent device for kids that has GPS tracking, geofencing, a step counter, to-do lists, etc. In short, it is chock-full of features that will make your kids safer and more disciplined. 

Gizmo Watch is not only a safer alternative to keeping your child safe but also a source for his pleasure. Let’s know more about this watch. 

Why Is Gizmo Watch Good For Kids?

Gizmo Watch is a connected smartwatch featuring Verizon 4G LTE, which is the perfect way to introduce wireless technology to kids. 

It not only entertains kids but is also a relief to parents because they can track their children now and then. 

Now let’s see why the Gizmo Watch is second to none, especially for kids. 

Message And Calls

All Gizmo watches have particular phone numbers that let parents talk to their children. 

Also, you can input 20 trusted contacts, which will allow your child to stay connected with their friends and family. 

For any reason, if you are not with your child, you can call or message him, which can be a savior for a moment.

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GPS Tracking

One of the favorite features of most parents with a Gizmo Watch is GPS tracking. It tracks the location of the watch. 

Just tell your child to turn on the location on the watch. Then you will get notifications about his whereabouts. 

Safe Zones

Gizmo Watch lets users set safe zones too. It means you can customize the area where your child should be and set that as a safe zone. 

For instance, if your child visits school, a tutor’s home, a friend’s home, or piano classes, you can set those locations as safe zones from your phone. 

Allows To Create Tasks

The best part about the Gizmo Watch is it makes children more responsible. How? 

The GizmoHub app, which the parent must install to control the watch, allows them to create tasks for their children. Like making a bed, studying, learning math, and so on. 

Parents can also set several coins for each task, which gives their children an advantage while playing games. Kids love to play games, so they try their best to complete tasks.

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What does a kid’s Gizmo Watch do?

A Gizmo watch plays the role of a smartphone for kids. For example, children can text, call, and take pictures with this watch. 

Well, the camera feature is available on the Verizon Gizmo Watch 3. Anyway, there are loads of tasks that Gizmo Watch does. Let’s find out. 

Encourages Healthy Habits

The most prominent benefit that you will get from a Gizmo watch is that it encourages healthy habits. As we said, parents can create rasta for their children. The Gizmo watch will make kids certain about the tasks every time and make them more disciplined.

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Has Gaming Features

Your champ can use this watch for their entertainment as well. Thanks to its gaming features that require no internet connection. The more they earn coins after completing their tasks, the more they can enjoy games.

Works Like A Smartphone

One thing that makes the Gizmo Watch an ideal starter device for kids is that it does the job of a smartphone without leading to mature content. For instance, your child can set alarms, reminders, etc., these all can make them certain of their daily activities. 

Keeps Track Of Children

Most parents are breathing a sigh of relief after getting a Gizmo Watch for their kids. The reason is that his watch locates children and offers two-way calling. Watchful parents, who are concerned for their children every time, can use these features to track them.

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Gizmo Watch Vs Other Smartwatches for Kids

Overall, the Gizmo Watch is better than any other kids’ smartwatch. We are not saying that other watches are bad. All we mean is that the Gizmo Watch has almost all the features that any parent would want. Let’s see some side by side differences-

Gizmo WatchOther Smartwatches
Has GPS tracking. Does not have GPS tracking
Has gaming features.Does not have gaming features.
Does not have distracting features.Has distracting features.
Battery lasts a long time.Battery drains faster.
Allows users to create tasks.Doesn’t allow users to create tasks.
Allows text messaging and calls.Allows text messaging only.
Has a camera.Does not have a camera.
Hardly malfunctions. Often malfunctions. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully, the Gizmo Watch has convinced you with its features. For further queries, keep reading. 

What age does Gizmo Watch go for?

Gizmo Watch is a superb alternative to staying in touch with your kids every time. If your child is between 3 and 11 years old, this watch would be perfect for him. 

Does Gizmo Watch have games?

Yes, Gizmo Watch thrills kids with its basic games. You will find here slider puzzle games like Gizmo Says, Tic-Tac-Toe, and so on. 

Can Gizmo Watch video call?

All versions of Gizmo Watch are not compatible with making video calls. For instance, the Gizmo Watch does not have the option for video calls, but the Gizmo Watch 3 does.

Is the Gizmo Watch waterproof?

Yes, Gizmo Watch is waterproof. All versions of it claim to have resistance to water splashes. So you can get any of the Gizmo Watches and expect them to withstand water. 


The discussion is not demeaning other watches but only bringing out the reasons for Gizmo Watch’s worth. Now we know this watch is a boon for keeping kids safe. 

Teach your champ how to turn on the location and tell him to keep it on when you are not around him. 

Then you will receive a notification about his location and steps. Also, give this device a frequent check to get all the correct information.

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