How To Reset Gabb Watch? [8 Easy Steps]

Gifting a Gabb Watch to your champ will take him over the moon and make you chilled out. The problem comes when it glitches. In that case, you must know how to reset Gabb watch. 

It’s simple. Just go to My Gabb settings, click on the menu bar, then system, and lastly reset. You will get everything clear on the watch, and customize all settings. 

Well, a factory reset gives a device a clean slate. You may get rid of potential issues that your watch has after a reset. To get better performance from your watch, follow the steps below. 

What Does Resetting a Gabb Watch Mean?

Resetting a Gabb watch means removing all customized settings from the watch. This will require pairing your device with your kid’s Gabb watch again. Also, you need to open an account, enter your child’s name, and so on from the My Gabb app. 

You have to set up not only the app but also the watch. Like changing the watch’s face, volume, ringtone, pet, etc. 

After a few days of setting up the watch, you may see some sort of glitch; it can be on the app or the watch. Such as freezing of the watch timer, malware infections, looping, crashes of apps, etc. These miscommunications with the Gabb watch can tell us to reset it. . 

Remember, resetting the Gabb watch will bring changes to your software issues, not hardware issues. It won’t change the look of your watch, but the settings will be how you got them the first time.

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How To Reset Gabb Watch?

To reset your kid’s Gabb watch you will need to use the My Gabb app from your phone. So keep your device ready, and we can start with steps. 

Step 1: Manage The App

Start by resetting the app and following some simple steps:

  • Open the My Gabb app, then go to the menu bar, right on top with three lines. 
  • Click on settings and tap on System. 
  • Now touch the Reset option. This will reset the network settings, system settings, and app preferences. 
  • After resetting the Gabb watch, all your settings will vanish. Hence, you have to set up your Gabb watch from scratch. 

Step 2: Pair Your Device Again

So now that you have your watch, like a brand new device, you have to turn it on first. Press and hold the power button located right below the screen’s side. Now go to the menu, press on select devices, and then in the bottom tap on add device. 

Step 3: Create A Profile

To create a profile, you will need to add the picture, name, and date of birth again. Afterwards, you will get to scan a QR code given on the watch. 

You will see the watch is showing a code; enter it into your phone, and your pairing is done. Now you will get options for play sound, locate, call, message, silent mode, active tracking, and Gabb Go. 

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Step 4: Set The Pet

Do you remember setting up a pet for your child to play with in the Gabb Watch? You have to do it again. 

So scroll down the screen, and you will see two options with circles, e.g., yellow and blue. Press on the yellow circle, and you will get a pet to select. Then you can also give it a new name or the old name.

Step 5: Add Contacts To The Watch

Like the gaming pet, your watch does not have the contacts you added before since you did a reset. Simply go to the contact app and tap on the circle with a plus. Then you have to enter the person’s name, number, and number type. 

Do not forget that you can add five emergency contacts as well. Parents need to set up emergency contacts on their phones. 

For that, you have to go to My Gabb’s settings, press About Phone, then Emergency Info. Now you can easily add emergency contacts.

Step 6: Do Random Settings

A factory reset on a Gabb watch removes all the settings you made. That’s why you have to do an app walkthrough and set the ringtone, watch face, alarm, screen timeout, volume, etc. again. Most importantly, tell your kid to activate the GPS now and then.

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Step 7: Create Tasks

If you had created any tasks before resetting the watch, those will be gone. So go to the Gabb feature, create a task, and select the number of coins you would like to give after completing the task. This could be piano practice, making beds, etc. 

Step 8: Create The Safe Zone

You must not forget to create a safe zone for your child in the app. On the features menu, you will find a safe zone to set. So press there and enter the address. You can also give a name to the zone. Like school zones, home zones, etc. 

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Potential Issues With Resetting A Gabb Watch

A Gabb watch reset can solve numerous issues from the watch. Yet it can lead to hassles. Check out below to know with a troubleshoot. 

Damage The Device

Don’t be scared to think that resetting your Gabb watch can damage it. The watch will be damaged if you do not charge it enough before resetting. 

Before you opt to reset your Gabb watch, make sure its battery level is greater than 30%. 

Turning Off The Device

Restarting and resetting your Gabb watch frequently can turn it off over time. Also, you may see that the watch is hanging and is not informing you about your child’s steps. 

So try not to reset your Gabb Watch unless it is necessary. If you have to reset it often, reach out for Gabb support. 

Removal Of Necessary data

We know that resetting a Gabb watch will remove all settings. Such as the safe zone, tasks, coins, contacts, etc. Sometimes, we forget to set some things that we set earlier. For example, you created a task for piano practice when you first used the Gabb watch, after resetting, you may forget to set that task. 

Although it is a minor mistake, the consequences can be hard to bear. Because the Gabb watch is one of the ways to keep your child safe, So make a list of the things you set up before and what you need to do after resetting the watch.

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Like any smartwatch, the Gabb watch needs a reset when needed. If you find any miscommunication with your watch, go for a reset. There is more to know. 

How long does Gabb Watch last?

A Gabb watch has a 500 mAh battery, which is enough to last one day easily. However, the usage of the watch depends on when the battery will run out. If you don’t use it much but only in your spare time, the watch will last for two days. 

What age is Gabb Watch for?

Gabb watches do not have an internet connection or unsafe apps. Thus, kids can use it freely. The Gabb watch is a good choice for kids from 5 years to 11 years, whereas the Gabb watch plus is great for kids from 13 years to 18 years. 

Is the Gabb Watch waterproof?

Although the Gabb company claims that their Gabb watches are waterproof, they are not. Many users had the common issue that the Gabb watch malfunctioned after coming into contact with water. 


The discussion doesn’t encourage resetting the Gabb watch only to have good performance. Try out the steps only when your watch malfunctions. 

Anyway, you can try some alternatives if resetting the watch doesn’t work. Such as COSMO JrTrack 2 and Verizon Gizmo Watch 3.

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