Why A Gabb Watch Not Tracking Steps? [Reasons & Solutions]

We often face communications with our smartwatches, and the Gabb watch is no exception. It can have issues in functioning every now and then. This can drive watchful parents crazy when they won’t find their children’s location. 

If you ever see that your child’s Gabb watch not tracking steps, tell him to wear it properly first. Then check out the wellbeing of the sensor. If you still can’t figure out the tracking issue, perhaps your child is out of the Verizon coverage. 

There are other fixes, too. Like restarting the watch, charging the watch, etc. Let’s dig deeper into troubleshooting. 

How Does A Gabb Watch Track Steps?

In the package of a Gabb watch, you will see some outcomes mentioned for using this watch. They say you can stay connected to your kids, and they are going to stay protected with the GPS feature. Also, the Gabb watch has a step-counting capability to track your child’s steps.

We can relate this Gabb watch to a smartwatch, as both have some features of smartphones. However, the Gabb tracks steps with a tri-axial accelerometer. 

The accelerometer is used in almost all smartwatches to detect the direction. Then it senses the body movements and updates the watching with step counting. 

Whatever operation your kid’s Gabb watch is doing, you will be notified. During the setup, you must teach your kid to keep the location on. This will activate GPS tracking. 

Then you will see that your My Gapp app is saying “Joe has checked in”. Joe is just an example; you will receive a notification along with the name of your child.

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Troubleshooting And Fix For Gabb Watch Not Tracking Steps

When a Gabb watch malfunctions or doesn’t work, it can’t track steps. Parents will get a bundle of nerves when they won’t be notified about their children’s doings. 

Don’t worry; We can help you with some troubleshooting and fixes that can make your Gabb watch run like a pro. 

01. Wear The Watch Properly

As we said, all smartwatches track steps with a tri-axial accelerometer. It does its job only when the watch fits properly on the wrist. 

When the Gabb watch doesn’t come into contact with the hand, it can’t track your child’s steps. Because an improper fit of the watch will result in improper tracking steps. 

To avoid this problem, direct your child to wear the Gabb watch tight enough to detect his activity. But it shouldn’t be too tight. 

02. Clean The Sensors Frequently

The sensor of the Gabb watch senses the body movement of the user. If it is clean, you can be tension-free about its operation. 

Anyway, a dirty Gabb watch sensor will fail to function properly. You may not get any notification about your kid’s steps if he taints the watch. Because the rust will become a barrier for the watch to sense any body movements. 

The solution is very simple. That is,  clean your watch. Like phones and glasses, watch sensors can have minor marks of dust. So cleaning your Gabb watch frequently would be a good idea. 

03. Be under Verizon Coverage

Verizon MVNO is the provider of the Gabb watch. It also provides cellular service for this watch. Your Gabb watch will work perfectly if you are in an area with Verizon coverage.

Most users find difficulty getting notifications of their children’s steps. The reason could be that their children’s area has poor Verizon coverage. At such a time, the Gabb watch becomes useless. 

If you have any other way to contact your child, please do it. Because an area with no Verizon coverage won’t let your child’s Gabb watch track steps.

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04. Charge The Battery

A Gabb watch needs to be charged every now and then. You will even get a charger with the package. It means getting proper functionality and charging your watch. 

No device works if its battery is dead. In the same way, a Gabb watch won’t function without a battery. If your kid’s Gabb watch battery runs out, you won’t be informed of his steps. 

Since you already have a charger for the Gabb watch, charge it. Also, remind your child to charge his Gabb watch when the battery becomes low.

05. Restart The Phone And Watch

When you just start a device, it works well enough without any glitches. In the same way, starting a Gabb watch just now or opening the app right now will give you the correct information. 

The problem arises when you are using a device for a long time and glitches appear. This can happen with your kid’s Gabb watch and can lead to inconsistent geofencing. 

To get notifications of your child’s steps from time to time, make sure you restart the app or phone frequently. Also, tell your champ to restart his watch during any glitches.

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06. Turn On Active Tracking

In your My Gabb profile, you will see different options, including active tracking. Once you press there, you will be informed of the whereabouts of your kid. 

Think carefully: have you turned on active tracking? It’s normal for us to forget in a stressful world. If you haven’t activated the tracking, your kid’s watch can’t track steps. 

Don’t stress if you are not getting any notifications. Check all the settings first on your My Gabb account, because only you can control the watch. If you see the active tracking is off, simply turn it on. 

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07. Unpair And Pair The Watch With The App

Have you ever unpaired a pen drive from your laptop and then paired it again? Don’t you see the pen drive is working fine now? It can happen with a Gabb watch and the Gabb app too. 

Certain glitches can hinder the connection between a Gabb watch and the Gabb app. And you won’t get any data on your child, as his watch is not tracking steps. 

A common and initiating fix you can do is unpair the Gabb watch and the My Gabb app. Then pair the devices again; you also have to reset everything. Perhaps now you will see the fine operation of the Gabb watch and be notified of the steps. 

08. Reach For Gabb Support

Any reliable company will give support and service to consumers when needed. We can expect the same with a Gabb watch. 

Maybe you have tried all the fixes above. But nothing worked. Well, it can happen when any of the parts or features in a Gabb watch become faulty. 

After testing all blends, your last resort should be reaching out for Gabb support. You will find it in the app, where you can report issues with the watch. Hopefully, they will go to bat for your problems too.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully, the above concept was helpful enough for you to understand the Gabb watch’s tracking issues. Well, some concerned parents may have additional questions that we mentioned below.  

Does the Gabb smartwatch track in real time?

You can get reliable GPS tracking by connecting the Gabb watch with the My Gabb app on your phone. Make sure to activate the tracking to get notifications of your child’s steps. 

Why is my Gabb Watch in lock mode?

Parents can enable lock mode from the My Gabb app. This will restrict kids from using the watch while staying connected. 

How do I clean my Gabb Watch?

As said before, a clean Gabb watch operates well. So you can use a disinfectant wipe to clean your Gabb watch. 

Final Thoughts

We are all always concerned about where our kids are, especially when the Gabb watch not tracking steps. This can be more disturbing for watchful parents. 

If you ever face any complications with your child’s Gabb watch, give it a restart first. 

Then check out your My Gabb app to see if everything is activated or not. Also, charge your watch’s battery and keep it clean. 

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