What are the Alternative ways to wear an Apple watch?

It is a matter of fact that the Apple Watch is a smartwatch that can be used to communicate with other people via social media, Fitness Tracker, text messaging, and mainly notifications.

There are many Alternative ways to wear an Apple watch. Some people prefer to wear it on the left wrist, while others prefer it on the right wrist. However, the most popular way to wear an Apple Watch is on the wrist. 

But what if you are uncomfortable wearing a smartwatch on your wrist? There are several ways to wear it, but only a few people know about them. So, here we have collected some interesting and alternative ways to wear the Apple watch other than your wrist.

Wear your Apple Watch on your Ankle

watch on ankle

You can wear your Apple Watch on your Ankle because sometimes our wrists are restricted from doing anything, or we are playing a type of sport in which the watch can be damaged.
We wear the Apple watch because of tracks our fitness. Our goal is to become healthier, but we can only sometimes reach this goal because there are many things to do in the gym. Our hands always lift heavy weights when we are in the gym. For that reason, we wear our Apple Watch on our wrists.
The disadvantage of wearing the apple watch on your Ankle is it needs to be correctly read and monitor fitness.

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Wear your Apple Watch as a Pocket Watch

pocket watch

The pocket watch is an old-fashioned way of carrying a watch that we don’t need to wear on the wrist but keep in our pockets. You can be attached with a chain and chain attached to your pant or shirt. There is a case for a pocket watch where you can carry your apple watch. In the market, different types of apple watch cases are available for pockets you can buy by anyone.
The main disadvantage of the apple watch as a pocket watch is that it does not track your fitness.

Wear your Apple Watch as a Locket

locket watches

Waer your apple watch as a locket is another way to wear your watch, which you carry on your neck. A different chain can hang on your neck or any other place. It is safe from getting damaged by any scratches if you hang it around your neck.

Wear your Apple Watch as a Bag Fob

bag fob watch

Use your Apple Watch as a bag fob for your luggage, bags, or anything you carry around. Hiding your watch is an excellent way to protect it from the elements and scratches, and it looks stylish and classy. To look more professional, you can use a custom belt clip that looks more elegant than wearing an Apple Watch band. Apple Watch fobs are available in the market in different designs and colors. You can choose between them.

Wear your Apple Watch on your Arm

watch in arm

Wearing your Apple Watch on your arm is a unique way of style. This method involves attaching the Apple Watch to your arm by putting an elastic band on it or using a unique strap. Another way to wear your Apple Watch on your arm is to use a regular watch band and wrap it on your arm.
It is an excellent option for people looking for an alternative way to wear their watches. But remember that when wearing your Apple Watch on your arm, the watch’s sensors may not work correctly and cannot measure your activity and heart rate.


Wearing your Apple Watch on other than the wrist is relaxed but remember it will not track your fitness and heartbeat properly because the sensors will not work correctly.


Is there any other way to wear an Apple Watch?

There are several ways that you can wear an Apple Watch. The most common is keeping it on your wrist like a watch. You can also place it over your heart so the bezel touches your chest like jewelry.

How do I make my Apple Watch look fashionable?

For the apple watch to look fashionable, you should wear it like a necklace on your neck and attach the chain like a jewelry piece.

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