Galaxy Watch Charger Blinking Red – What Does It Mean?

The charger should show a solid green or red light when you put your Galaxy Watch on charge. But a blinking red light on the charger instead surely means there’s an issue. So, what does it mean? 

When the LED on your Galaxy watch charger blinks red, it indicates a charging error. This error can occur if the charger is not properly connected to the watch or the watch has a defective battery. The blinking red issue can happen if the charger has any issues or problems. 

Stay with us till the end to learn more about this issue. Our investigation will reveal why it happens and how you can solve it.

Types of Galaxy Watch Chargers and How to Use Them

There are two types of chargers to charge the Galaxy Watch. One of them is the flat charging dock compatible with most new watch models, such as the Galaxy Watch Active, Active2, Active3, Watch3, Watch4, and Watch5.

To charge with this type of charger, just plug the USB end into an adapter and then into a power source. Next, place the watch on the magnetic doc and let it charge.

Source: Galaxy Watch 4-How To Charge The Smartwatch-Easy Tutorial

The second type is the charging dock with pins. It’s compatible with older models from 2017 and 2018. To charge with this charger, plug it into the power, place the watch inside the dock, and allow it to charge

Galaxy Watch Charging Indicators and Their Meanings

Source:Galaxy Watch 46mm- Review 

The Galaxy Watch has several indicators expressing different charging condition statuses and battery levels. 

These indicators are displayed on the screen of the watch or by the LED light on the charger. Here are some of the indicators and their meanings:

  • If you see a battery icon on the watch screen, it means the watch is on charge, and it’s charging. From the icon, you can also see the remaining battery life and how long it will take to charge the battery completely.
  • From the green circle on the watch screen, you will know that the watch is completely charged, and it’s time to remove it from the charger.
  • Next, if you see a blue circle on the watch screen, the watch is charging via wireless power sharing.

The LED on the charger sometimes shows some different colors. Want to know what they mean? Here they are:

  • Red: If the LED shows a constant red light, the watch is charging.
  • Green: When the watch is completely charged, the LED will show a constant green color.
  • Orange: The LED will become orange while the watch is connected to a low-power adapter.

What Does The Blinking Red Light Mean On The Galaxy Watch Charger?

Source: Galaxy Watch S3 – Blinking Red Light on Charger

As we said earlier, the blinking red light in the Galaxy Watch charger indicates errors in the charging procedure. Here are some of the possible errors that it could mean:

  • Improperly connected charger: If the charger is not connected properly to the Galaxy Watch, the LED could blink red to notify you about the issue.
  • Wrong placement of the watch on the charger: When you couldn’t place the Galaxy Watch on the charger dock, the LED could blink red to catch your attention about the incident.
  • Defective watch battery: A defective or damaged watch can be one big reason why the LED on the charger may blink red.
  • Damaged or faulty charger: You can experience the blinking red issue because of a faulty or damaged Galaxy Watch charger. With a faulty charger, the watch couldn’t get enough charge, and the blinking red light indicates that fact.
  • A wrong charger: If you use a wrong or incompatible charger, the LED could blink red to notify the issue.
  • Low battery level: If the charging dock doesn’t have enough charge to charge the Galaxy Watch (below 5%), it could blink red when you put the Galaxy Watch charging on it.

Troubleshooting Steps for Galaxy Watch Charger Blinking Red

If your Galaxy Watch charger’s LED is blinking red, you can follow these troubleshooting steps to solve the issue:

  • Plug in the charger securely, and place the watch at the center of the charging dock. Connect the charger with a working power outlet to ensure the power supply, and centering the watch will provide a good connection with the charger.
  • Clean the charger and its contacts and watch contacts with a dry clean rag to wipe any building dirt and debris. Dirt and debris can prevent the charger from connecting well with the Galaxy Watch.
  • If you feel the watch is heating, disconnect it from charging and close any running apps.
  • Disconnect the watch from the wireless charger and reconnect it again.
  • Reboot the watch if any of the techniques don’t work out.
  • Always ensure there’s enough power in the wireless charger to charge your Galaxy Watch.
  • Connect the Galaxy Watch charger to a different power outlet, or connect it to a computer with USB for charging.
  • Avoid using an extended lead and connect the charger to a wall socket.

If you have tried all the steps and the charger is still blinking red, the issue might be in your watch or the hardware. It’s best to contact and take help from the Samsung support Centre for technical support.

Tips For Preventing Galaxy Watch Charger Red Light Blinking Issue

You can take the following step to prevent the Galaxy Watch charger from blinking red:  

1. Proper Alignment: When you put your Galaxy Watch on the charging dock, ensure the charger and watch are correctly aligned. The magnetic lines or charging pins (whichever you have) should be aligned.

2. Use original or compatible chargers: Avoid cheap and duplicate chargers, and use only original and compatible chargers to charge your Galaxy Watch.

3. Regular cleaning: Clean the charging contacts on the charging deck and keep dirt, water, or any fluid away from the charger to prevent contact disturbance.

4. Avoid a damaged charger: Never use a physically damaged charger to charge your Galaxy Watch.


You can go through the following FAQ section for further information, as we will answer your extended queries regarding the blinking red light issue here:

Is It Ok If You Leave The Galaxy Watch On Charging The Whole Night? 

Yes, you can leave the watch for charging overnight, and don’t worry; it won’t affect the battery, watch, or charger unless the battery gets overheated.

If You Use A Third-Party Charger, Will It Cause The Red Light On It To Blink Rapidly?

If you use a third-party charger and it’s not compatible with the Galaxy Watch, the red light cloud blinks rapidly. It is always recommended to use original Samsung chargers for the best experience.

Is It Possible To Use The Galaxy Watch While Charging It?

Using the Galaxy Watch while it’s charging is never a good idea, as it can decrease the charging speed of your watch and cause the battery to overheat.

Can A Factory Reset Solve The Blinking Red Light Problem?

Yes, a factory reset can solve the blinking red light issue sometimes. It’s good to keep it for the last as you will lose all your data after performing it. 

Final Thought

So, this issue with the Galaxy Watch charger is common and indicates an error related to charging. Most importantly, this red light blinking issue can be solved easily by following some simple techniques. 

However, we recommend you address the issue immediately to solve the problem quickly and keep the battery health of your Galaxy watch healthy.

Follow the tips we have mentioned here to prevent the issue. Even if you face it or fail to solve it, don’t hesitate to contact the support center.

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