Why Is Gabb Watch Not Sending Texts? [Reasons & Fixes]

The Gabb Watch helps parents track their child’s whereabouts. You can also send unlimited texts and calls to your child using the nationwide Gabb network. However, the text feature might stop working sometimes.

There are various reasons for the Gabb watch not sending texts. For instance, your current area might’ve weak Gabb network coverage. Most often, the causes are glitches or menacing temporary files. A manual restart or factory reset can quickly solve these problems. 

One of the main purposes of the Gabb Watch is that the child can send you emergency messages. Learn what you can do if this important function fails.

Why Is Gabb Watch Not Sending Texts?

Why Won’t Gabb Watch Send Texts?

If your Gabb Watch isn’t sending texts, it might be related to the battery, network, or registration process. Sometimes, the smart filtering process might prevent a text from being sent. Here are some possible considerations-

  • You haven’t activated the Gabb watch using the MyGabb app and registered it with your Gabb account. 
  • The watch doesn’t have enough battery or is in power-saving mode 
  • Exposure to extreme temperature, moisture, or impacts can cause the Gabb watch to malfunction.
  • Your parent has blocked the contact you’re trying to send the text to.
  • Probably, your parents have put the watch in lock mode.
  • Smart filtering has flagged your message for suspicious content. 
  • The text you are trying to send has more than 160 characters, or you’ve attached an image or video bigger than 10 MB. 
  • The Gabb 4G LTE Network doesn’t cover the area you’re currently in.

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How to Fix Gabb Watch Not Sending Texts?

First, you must wear the Gabb watch in an area with a good Gabb network. The device should also have excellent battery power. Still, have a problem sending a proper text to an approved contact? Consider these solutions- 

Check Activation Status

Your Gabb watch runs on a service plan. You can’t use the watch to send texts if the plan is deactivated. Maybe your parents have removed your device or stopped paying the subscription fees. 

The watch only gets access to the Gabb network when it’s activated. Which means it’s linked to your parent’s Gabb account and has been assigned a phone number. 

You can check your watch’s activation status at the Gabb Wireless Website. However, it requires access to your parent’s Gabb Account. So, unless your parents shared their credentials with you, it’s impossible. 

Considering you acquired their Gabb credentials, you can log into their account. Then go to ‘Manage devices’. Find your watch from the list of devices and tap to check its activation status. 

If the plan expires, you might have to renew the plan. The monthly subscription fee for your Gabb watch is $16.99. 

Why Is Gabb Watch Not Sending Texts?

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Restart The Gabb watch

Often, the cause of a malfunctioning Gabb Watch is software glitches or memory issues. Besides being unable to send texts, your watch might be performing slowly. Sometimes, the screen can freeze altogether. 

Restarting the watch manually can refresh the device’s memory and make it work again. Find the power button on the watch. It’s a prominent button you will find on the right side of the device. 

Hold the button briefly until the screen shows you a menu. There will be two options other than power off- emergency mode or restart. 

Choose the power-off option. The device will completely shut down and show you a black screen. Wait for around a minute. This will also give the watch some time to cool down. 

Now, press the power button again. As the device restarts, it will show the Gabb logo on the screen. Hopefully, you can send texts now. 

You might’ve also chosen ‘Restart’ from the power button menu. In that case, your watch would’ve automatically restarted after shutting down. 

However, many users agree that the manual restart has a more refreshing effect.

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Reset Your Gabb Watch

You restarted your Gabb Watch, but it doesn’t solve the problem. In that case, you have to reset the device to factory settings. 

Remember, this process will wipe away all the information you have added to the watch. That’s how factory reset clears away corrupt files and fixes your problem. So, you might want to maintain a backup somewhere. 

Swipe left or right on the Gabb watch to open the Menu. Find the Settings option. Usually, the well-known Gear icon represents it. Tap it, open the option, and scroll down to find ‘Reset Device.’ Click on it. 

A screen prompt will ask you to confirm the decision. Is your Gabb Watch password or PIN code protected? Then, you need to provide those keys for the reset process.

Once you provide the password, the Reset can begin. It usually takes about a minute for the process to complete. Be patient, and don’t try to press the power button during this time.

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How To Optimize Gabb Watch For Better Performance?

Do you always want your Gabb watch to work at its best? There are a few things you can do to ensure that. Here’s a list of best practices for any Gabb watch user- 

  • Routinely update the watch. You can find the Update option in the About section of your Settings. 
  • Close running apps in the background that you are not using. This will improve memory functions and reduce overheating. 
  • Clean the vents and charging ports of your watch regularly. A dirty port can interfere with charging. Meanwhile, a blocked vent traps heat in the watch. 
  • Don’t keep the GPS, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth running when you don’t need them.

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Hopefully, you can send texts from your Gabb watch again. Still, have some queries? Feel free to ask here- 

I tried all the fixes, but why is my Gabb Watch still not sending texts?

In this case, your best option is to contact the Gabb Customer Support. You can do it over the phone or visit their website. If you pay for the monthly warranty, you are entitled to technical support or even a replacement in case of a malfunction. 

Which Gabb watch service plan should I choose?

The most flexible plan is the no-contract $16.99/month plan. However, if you’re committed enough, enter the 2-year contract. You can pay only $9.99/month and get 10% off the smartwatch’s price. Another option is the 1-year contract.

Why is my Gabb Watch overheating?

You might be running too many apps in the background. Or maybe you haven’t cleaned your watch’s vents, and it has trapped heat. In this case, take the watch off, shut it down, and rest it for a few minutes to cool down.


The Gabb Watch is excellent for your child’s safety and fitness routines. It helps the parents let minors enjoy freedom while being aware of their whereabouts and contacts. Follow the best practices, and the Gabb watch can provide outstanding service for many years.

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