How to Charge Fossil Smartwatch without a Charger? (3 Ways)

Getting your stock charger lost or damaged is quite usual due to different circumstances. There’s nothing to worry about; you can use some DIY methods for charging your watch for the time being.

To charge a Fossil Smartwatch without a charger, you would need to cut and splice a commonly used USB cable. And then make a cluster of the red and black wires, followed by taping them to the charging pins in your Fossil smartwatch.

However, it’s not as simple as it sounds. Thus, stay tuned to learn all about the process so that you do not mess up your favorite watch. 

Fossil Smartwatch Charger Alternatives

When you decide to use an alternative method for charging your Fossil smartwatch, you must consider the most suitable approach. There are two scenarios for charging a Fossil smartwatch without a charger. 

These are charging without the stock charging cable with magnetic pins and charging without a charger/adapter.

Charge Fossil Smartwatch Without Stock Charger

The Fossil smartwatches come with a magnetic charging pin and a USB connector. Different models have different charging mechanisms. 

Hence, the charging layout in the smartwatch itself gets changed when it gets upgraded to a newer model or generation.

However, if you’ve lost or damaged the original charging dock, check out the following DIY methods to make a new charging cable at home.

A Two-Pin and Full Ring Magnetic Connector

This is the simplest charging layout on Fossil smartwatches. The earlier models of Fossil smartwatches, such as Gen 4, 5, and 6, came with a two-pin charging connector and cable.


You can make one at home using common USB Type-B or Type-C cables available in the marketplace. 

However, ensure you get a top-quality USB cable for a good result from this DIY solution. All you need to do is cut the Type-B/C port from the cable. Most cables have four wires inside.

But, you’ll need only two to get it done. Separate the red and black cables from the cluster. Afterward, splice the wires to get the copper out of the plastic cover. You can use small scissors or razors for quick response. 


Next, wind up the copper wires at the top to make a circular coil-shaped structure. Now connect the USB port to a charging adapter. 

Ensure that the adapter has a compatible current and voltage rating with the Fossil smartwatch charging IC.


You can refer to the user manuals to get the correct reading for the charging adapters. Lastly, connect the open ends of the copper wires to each end of the pins in the charging layout of the Fossil smartwatch.

For circular rings, the outer ring is the negative terminal whereas the inner ring is the positive terminal. 

This method is also applicable for full-ring-shaped charging pins in your Fossil smartwatch. You can use tape to keep the wires connected to the smartwatch until the battery is fully charged.

Semi Circular Pins With Double C-Shaped Ring

Newer models and generations of Fossil smartwatches have been equipped with semi-circular rings. This layout is designed to fast charge the battery of your smartwatch.


That is why, you will notice four pins in the stock charging cable parallel to each other. If your charger is lost, you can use common fast charging cables to charge your Fossil smartwatch

Similar to the previous method discussed above, a slight improvisation is needed to be applied. After splicing the red and black cables, you need to make four coil-shaped copper ends.

If it is possible, you can solder the ends for better output and stable connections. You must connect each pair of red and black copper ends to each pair of charging pins to ensure a fast charging feature.

Otherwise, your Fossil smartwatch will be charged at the usual charging speed. For quick charging, the charging adapter should be at least 5V/2A rated or more.

How To Charge Fossil Smartwatches Without A Charger?

If you are out on a trip or have lost your charging adapter, there are several ways you can charge your Fossil smartwatches on the go. 

Method 1: Using Portable Power Bank

You can use a power bank to charge your Fossil smartwatch if you have one. Use a suitable cable or the original charging cord to attach the power bank to the watch. 

Ensure that the power bank has sufficient battery life to finish the charging procedure. A power bank with a higher output power may not be safe to use with your smartwatch, so keep that in mind. 

It is better to refer to the Fossil user manual for the correct input of power from the power bank to your Fossil smartwatch.

Method 2: Using Laptop USB Connectors

You might try connecting your Fossil smartwatch to a PC’s or laptop’s USB port to charge it. Make sure that the laptop or computer is turned on and that its USB port is working fine.

Even though the charging pace is likely to be slower than with the original charger, it can be used as a temporary fix. Long-term use can drain your laptop’s battery very quickly. 

Hence, it is advised to charge your smartwatch battery to a working level only.

Method 3: Using Wireless Charging Pad

You may use any wireless charging device if your Fossil smartwatch is compatible with wireless charging. Fossil Gen 1 and some models of Gen 2 come with a wireless charging feature. 

Align the smartwatch properly and place it in the center of the charging pad. Afterward, connect the charging pad to a power source.

Tips To Effectively Charge Fossil Smartwatches

Check out these tips to keep your Fossil smartwatch battery healthy and get it charged effectively.

  • It is recommended to always use the original charging port that comes out of the box with the Fossil smartwatches.
  • Use a premium charging adapter with modern current control features to charge your Fossil smartwatch.
  • Always refer to the rating of voltage and power input to the smartwatch as per the recommendations in the user manual.
  • It is better not to overcharge the smartwatch battery, as it may drain its life.
  • Do not keep your smartwatch uncharged for a longer period of time, as it may damage the battery life.

Reasons why you might need to charge your Fossil Smartwatch without a charger

There are several reasons why you might need to charge your Fossil Smartwatch without a charger:

  1. Lost or damaged charger: The charging cable for your Fossil Smartwatch can get lost or damaged, making it difficult to charge the watch.
  2. On the go: When travelling, you might not have access to the charging dock, but you can still charge your smartwatch using a USB port on your laptop or a USB wall adapter.
  3. Convenience: Charging your smartwatch using a USB port or adapter is more convenient than having to carry around a charging dock.
  4. Cost savings: If you’ve lost or damaged your charger, using a USB port or adapter is a cost-effective alternative to purchasing a new charger.

Regardless of the reason, charging your Fossil Smartwatch without a charger is a simple and convenient way to keep your smartwatch powered up and ready to use.

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Here are some answers to questions from Fossil smartwatch enthusiasts that you can follow to learn more.

How do you know if your Fossil smartwatch is charging?

Once you have connected the smartwatch to the charging pad, the LEDs below the watch will blink. Moreover, the watch itself will show the charging status, and the battery percentage will increase gradually to let the user know it is currently charging.

Why is my Fossil smartwatch not charging?

There could be several reasons why your Fossil smartwatch does not charge. Some typical reasons include a damaged charging pad, rusted pins and connectors in your smartwatch, or a loosened charging ring.

When should I charge Fossil smartwatches?

When your smartwatch hits the 5% battery level, you must connect it to the charger. It is better not to operate the smartwatch when it is below 5%, as it may drain the battery life.

How often should you change your Fossil smartwatch?

You must charge your Fossil smartwatch at least once every day to keep the battery healthy and the watch operating nominally. However, it depends on the usage of the smartwatch.

Can I charge my Fossil smartwatch with a USB cable?

Yes, you can charge your Fossil smartwatch with a USB cable by connecting it to a power source such as a computer or wall adapter.

Is it safe to charge my Fossil smartwatch with a computer or laptop?

Yes, it is safe to charge your Fossil smartwatch with a computer or laptop as long as you use a compatible and high-quality USB cable.

Can I use a different brand’s charger to charge my Fossil smartwatch?

A charger from a different brand is not recommended to charge your Fossil smartwatch. A compatible charger designed for your device is best to ensure a safe and efficient charging process.

Can I charge my Fossil smartwatch with a phone charger?

It depends on the compatibility of the phone charger with your Fossil smartwatch. It is best to consult the manufacturer’s guidelines or specifications to determine the appropriate charging methods for your device.

Final Words

If you have a broken Fossil smartwatch charger or have lost it, it is recommended that you get a new one from the official retailer. 

However, if you need your watch to operate, use the common USB cables, splice the cables, and connect them to the pins manually to get the job done temporarily. Be advised, as it might damage the charging IC or void the warranty as well.

In conclusion, charging your Fossil smartwatch with a USB cable is a standard and accessible method for keeping your device powered. While it offers convenience and cost-effectiveness, it can also have limitations regarding charging time and portability. A compatible and high-quality USB cable is essential to ensure safe and efficient charging. Consider your specific needs and preferences when choosing the best method for charging your Fossil smartwatch.

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