Why Gizmo Watch Not Counting Steps? [Causes And Fixes]

In order to track children and their activities, Gizmo Watch is a boon for parents. But what if it faces glitches? You may even see that your Gizmo Watch not counting steps anymore, which can put parents through the wringer. 

Most commonly, the Gizmo Watch can’t count steps if the user hasn’t worn it properly. Also, the buildup on the sensor can hinder it from sensing the body’s movements and steps. Besides, you need to work a bit faster to get accurate step counts for your Gizmo Watch. 

Don’t worry if you face any issues with the step counting on your Gizmo watch. There are fixes. Let’s find out!

How Does the Gizmo Watch Count Steps?

One of the main reasons why Gizmo Watch is a favorite of most parents is because it teaches discipline to kids. For instance, we can set up the step goal from the GizmoHub app, and kids will try to achieve the goal, which keeps them active. 

As soon as your device and the Gizmo Watch are paired, the Gizmo Watch will count your child’s steps and notify you in the app. But how does the watch detect steps? 

Well, there is an accelerometer in the Gizmo Watch, which is present in almost all smartwatches. It senses the motion and movements of the arms and body. Then it estimates the number of steps with a certain calculation. 

How To Set the Gizmo Watch To Count Steps?

If you want your child’s Gizmo watch to count his steps, you have to customize the setting in the app. Such as: 

  • Go to the Gizmohub app, press on Kids, located at the lower left, then tap on Steps, and turn the switch on at the upper right.
  • You can set the number of steps that you want your child to reach. Also, you can turn on the notification to get updates when your champ completes his steps. 
  • Enter the reward name that you want to give to your kid for his accomplishment. Lastly, click on Save.

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Troubleshooting Gizmo Watch Not Counting Steps:

Most often, Gizmo watches don’t count steps when the battery of the watch or phone is dead. Or maybe the app got disconnected. But the fact is, there are more unpredictable reasons for a Gizmo Watch not counting steps. Let’s troubleshoot them. 

Software Glitches

All devices face minor software issues and glitches, and the Gizmo Watch is no exception. It may have glitches; that’s why it is not tracking location or counting steps correctly. 

Before you stress out over the watch, try giving it a soft reset first. We can all relate to this: restarting our smartphone or smartwatch makes them operate correctly. So you can try it with your Gizmo Watch. 

Restarting a Gizmo Watch is super easy. Just press and hold its power button for 15 to 20 seconds, then tap on the device power shown on the screen. After it switches off, press and hold its power button again for 3 seconds, and the watch will restart and work better.

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Build-ups In Sensor

As said before, the Gizmo Watch works with an accelerometer to detect movements and count steps. It can only give you an accurate number of steps if it doesn’t have a barrier to doing so.

Unfortunately, dirt and debris may accumulate on a Gizmo Watch’s screen, which can affect its sensor’s ability to count steps. Perhaps your Gizmo Watch is not showing accurate steps because of the buildup on the screen. It can be because of the sweat as well. 

Keep a few minutes in your hand to clean your Gizmo Watch. You can use a damp cloth or wet wipes to clean the screen. It would if you used a Q-tip, soaked it with some isopropyl alcohol, and cleaned the screen with the soaked cloth. 

Improper Fitting Of The Watch

Tracking steps for a smartwatch would seem like magic if we were in ancient times. If it can count a human’s steps now, it must be a delicate feature. For accurate results, we have to wear the watch properly. 

Your Gizmo watch can sense your motion and movements if it completely comes into contact with your hand. Or else it can’t sense your arm or your steps. 

Tell your kids to wear their Gizmo watch properly, maintaining the proper fit of the belt. If needed, get a new belt or keep an extra belt. Because any complication with the watch’s belt may loosen the fit, the watch can’t notify you about the steps.

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Outdated Software

Like any other smartwatch, the Gizmo Watch offers many updates to get the most out of this device. Sometimes, updating the watch is important only for normal operation. 

If you don’t update your Gizmo watch, you may find some software issues like not counting steps, not tracking location, disturbances in games, and so on. 

You will get updates on the app, so you need to update the watch. It means updating the app will automatically update the watch. 

For that, go to the GizmoHub app, select More, then Manage the Device, scroll down, and you will see if there are any available updates or not. If yes, update the watch immediately. 

Slow Steps

We know the Gizmo Watch can count steps because its accelerometer detects body movements. Well, an accelerometer can give you accurate results for steps if the user is walking at a speed of 2 mph or more. 

One of the reasons your kid’s Gizmo Watch does not count steps could be because of his slow steps. When we set a step goal for kids, we keep in mind that they will walk a bit faster, like trying to achieve something. 

But if your child walks steadily, the watch’s accelerometer can’t detect the steps, as the arms move slower at that time. 

Maybe you know the solution. If you want to see the accurate step counts of your kid, you have to tell him to walk normally or faster, not slowly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully, you can now get accurate step counts for your child by opting for the fixes. Yet, it is better to know more about it. 

What other issues can a Gizmo Watch have?

The Gizmo Watch mostly shows issues with its charging. Its magnetic brick is a bit weak and can be nudged easily. So you may have to opt for another charger sometimes to charge this watch. 

How do I give a hard reset to a GizmoWatch?

To give a hard reset to your Gizmo Watch, press its back button four times continuously. Then you will get a checkmark icon visible on the watch’s screen; simply tap on it, and the watch will reactivate. 

How can you reset your Gizmo app?

To reset the GizmoHub app, open it first, then go to More > Manage Devices > Child’s Device. Then click on Delete Gizmo” and confirm it. Now you can create a new account if you want to pair the Gizmo Watch again with your device. 

Wrapping Up

If you ever see your kid’s Gizmo Watch not counting steps, check his watch’s fit first. If that is fine, look for the dirt and buildup on the screen. Afterwards, check for updates and give a soft reset to your watch. 

If none of the fixes work, your last resort should be seeking customer help from Verizon Gizmo. We hope you can get your watch fixed with the simple steps mentioned above.

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