How To Turn Off Gizmo Watch? (3 Easy Steps)

Gizmo Watch, one of the most popular kids’ smartwatches, not only offers safety features but also ease of use. For instance, you can turn it on and off, set it up, customize themes, etc., just like a normal smartphone. 

One thing you must know when you don’t want to use it is how to turn off Gizmo Watch. Well, it requires some simple steps. Like pressing and holding the power button, then tapping on the icon. 

Sometimes, turning off the Gizmo Watch may go wrong due to some software issues. So how do you deal with it? Let’s find out.

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How to Turn Off Gizmo Watch?

Starting a Gizmo watch usually requires pressing and holding the power button. You can apply the same step to turn it off as well. 

Whether it is the Verizon Gizmo Watch, Gizmo Watch 2, or Gizmo Watch 3, all of them switch off in the same way. 

So, you won’t have to opt for a different step if your Gizmo watch’s version is old or new. Anyway, let’s jump into the steps of how to turn off Gizmo Watch.

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Step 1: Find The Power Button

There are two buttons on the right side of a Gizmo Watch’s screen. The upper one is the back button, and the lower one is the power button. You will need to work with the power button. 

Step 2: Press And Hold The Power Button

Press your watch’s power button and hold it for 5 seconds. Hold a bit longer, if needed. 

Now you will see the screen saying, “Do you want to turn it off”? Also, you will see two visible icons. One is located in the upper right, i.e., a circle with a cross inside. 

Another icon will be located below, i.e., a power sign with a red circle. The cross icon is for canceling the turn-off, and the power icon is for continuing the turn-off.

Step 3: Press On The Power Icon

Since you want to turn off your Gizmo Watch, you have to press on the power icon with a red circle. Now, your Gizmo Watch will successfully turn off.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Although turning off a Gizmo Watch is not a tough row to hoe, it is better to have as much knowledge as possible about it. That’s why we have added some queries for you. 

How do you reset your Gizmo Watch?

Start by charging your Gizmo Watch and pressing its back button four times. Now, you will find a checkmark icon on the screen. Tap on it, and your watch will reset. 

Why won’t a Gizmo Watch work?

A Gizmo Watch is most likely to not work when it loses connectivity with the GizmoHub app. Other than that, software issues, battery issues, out-of-warranty, etc. can deteriorate this device. 

How do you fix your Gizmo Watch?

If you see that your Gizmo Watch has become unresponsive, frozen, or not turned on, simply reset it. Resetting a device makes its software new and free of glitches. 

Why does a Gizmo Watch die so fast?

A Gizmo Watch’s battery sometimes dies faster than it should. It could be because of the live wallpaper, turning on the GPS the entire day, and so on.

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Final Thoughts

Turning off the Gizmo Watch when it is not in use can save its battery life. Since tracking your child is the main motive for grabbing this watch, you tell him to switch it off when you are together. 

This can keep the watch free of software issues and keep it healthy. If your watch ever goes cold, you can turn it off or restart it again. And for any further issues, you can seek customer support.

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