Galaxy Watch Active 2 Won’t Turn On After Getting Wet: How To Fix?

Water damage is a common problem with smartwatches. We understand how stressful it can be when a water-resistant watch stops working due to getting wet.

If your Galaxy Watch Active 2 will not turn on after getting wet, it may have malfunctioned because water got inside and damaged the internal workings of the watch. To fix the issue, you must dry the watch with a soft cloth immediately. Then you need to let it air dry for a few days before restarting again. 

If it still doesn’t turn on, you may have to go through some additional steps. Tag along to discover them! 

Is The Galaxy Watch Active 2 Waterproof?

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 is water-resistant, not waterproof. It comes with a 5 ATM water-resistance rating. There is also a water lock mode that enables the water ejection feature as well. 

Although promoted as water resistant, you should not submerge your Galaxy Watch Active 2 in water (up to 5 feet of water) for more than 30 minutes. Head over to the Samsung official website to learn more about the watch. 

What Can Happen To A Smartwatch When Water Gets Inside? [source, source]

Even when an electronic device is manufactured or promoted as water-resistant, water can get inside if not handled properly and cause damage. Now let’s check out what happens to a smartwatch when water enters. 


If water gets inside the watch, it can act as a medium and short-circuit the internal components. 

This can lead to the watch malfunctioning, causing temporary or permanent damage to some of the parts. The situation can cause the watch to refuse to turn on completely. 

Corrosion or rusting

Metal parts are more prone to rusting than other parts of any device. If water gets inside a smartwatch and does not dry properly, it can cause rust and corrosion.

An awful thing about corrosion inside a watch is that once it starts, it keeps going unless it gets dried from the inside. 

Drained battery 

If water gets in touch with the battery, it can drain and damage it. You may get the battery working again by charging the watch after it dries. 

But it might still decrease the lifespan of the battery. Also, in some cases, the battery can go out of work altogether. 

Display problems 

The water inside the display of your watch can be alarming. It can create fog and color changes that are unwanted. 

How To Fix A Galaxy Watch Active 2 That Won’t Turn On After Getting Wet?

If your Galaxy Watch Active 2 is not turning on due to getting wet, you may be able to revive it with the help of the following steps. But please note that watches going through severe water damage most often don’t revive fully. 

Step 1: Rinse the watch with fresh water

Dirty water, salt water, and chlorinated water are bad for your Galaxy Watch Active 2. If your watch is exposed to any of the mentioned water types, you should first rinse it with fresh water.  

Step 2: Dry with a soft cloth

Next, you need to dry the watch immediately with a soft cloth. Be gentle while doing it, as you don’t want to cause any physical damage or abrasion to the watch. 

Step 3: Leave the watch to air dry 

Leaving the watch to air dry is vital. Please refrain from using any heating tools to dry it faster. Air drying will take time (2-3 days or more), but it is worth the wait. 

Step 4: Connect the watch to the charger

Ensure you have ample time before trying to charge the watch. After air drying the watch completely, connect it to a charger to fill the battery. Please ensure that the charger and the receiver on your watch are dry. 

Step 5: Restart the watch

Now you can try to restart the watch by pressing its power button for 10 seconds. If the power button feels stiff or dirty, clean it with some rubbing alcohol.

Step 6: Factory reset the watch if needed

You can opt for a hard factory reset if the watch doesn’t restart. Hold the power button to see if the rebooting text appears. If it does, you can proceed to the factory reset, and that should reset the watch to its default settings.

Step 7: Open your watch up

If nothing works and you feel that water has entered deep inside the watch, you can try opening it up. If you surf the internet, many people suggest taking apart the watch to dry and fix the issue. 

Clean the moisture inside the watch with a cotton bud. If you notice any corrosion or rusting, gentle cleaning with isopropyl alcohol can clear the rust away. 

Note: While it may work for some, it can damage the components inside the watch if not dealt with delicately. This is why we won’t suggest you try it at home by yourself. If you can’t solve the issue without opening it up, consulting an expert or a professional may be wise. 

Step 8: Contact Samsung customer support

If you can’t solve the issue and get your watch working again, it is time to contact Samsung customer support. Tell them everything about the problem you are facing – how it started, any early signs, and what you tried so far to fix it.

Tips To Prevent Your Galaxy Watch Active 2 From Water Damage

Water damage is often fatal to smartwatches. It is better to be safe than regret it later. Following are a few tips to help prevent water damage to your Galaxy Watch Active 2. 

  • Avoid exposing your watch to saltwater or chlorinated water for too long.
  • Dry the watch immediately after it gets wet.
  • Keep your wet watch upside down so water can’t sink in deeper. 
  • Activate the water lock mode before entering a pool.
  • Refrain from wearing the watch while doing water sports or activities that involve high water pressure.
  • Don’t connect your wet watch to the charger. 
  • Be careful not to drop or hit the watch on hard surfaces.


Taking care of a Galaxy Watch Active 2 is relatively easy. You just have to be careful of things that can harm the watch. Following are some frequently asked questions that may come in handy. 

Can Saltwater Damage Your Galaxy Watch Active 2?

Yes, saltwater can damage both the internals and outer layer of your Galaxy Watch Active 2. If you expose it to saltwater, ensure it does not stay there for too long. You must rinse the watch under plain water and dry it well before using it again. 

How To Activate The Water Lock Mode On A Galaxy Watch Active 2?

Activating the water lock mode on your Galaxy Watch Active 2 is pretty simple. From the watch’s home screen, you need to go to the settings first and then the advanced settings option. You should find the water lock mode and turn it on there.  

Is It Okay To Use A Hairdryer To Dry Your Wet Galaxy Watch Active 2?

Using a hairdryer to dry your wet Galaxy Watch Active 2 is not a good idea. We understand the urgency of drying the watch as fast as possible. But drying it with a hairdryer or other heating tool can damage the seal completely. 

Can A Hard Reset Erase The Data On Your Galaxy Watch Active 2?

Performing a factory reset can erase all the personal data on your Galaxy Watch Active 2. You can back up the information to your Samsung account if your watch is responsive. 

Final Words 

Having issues with your smartwatch is normal. And, by maintaining it properly, you can use it for a long time. 

Even though the Galaxy Watch Active 2 is promoted as a water-resistant watch, it would be best to be extra careful while exposing it to water. Also, refrain from using it in pressurized water to preserve its durability.

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