How To Turn Alarm Off On Armitron Watch Instantly?

Suppose you’ve woken up early this morning, and now, your Armitron watch is beeping on the preset alarm time. So, how to turn the alarm off on Armitron watch of yours at that moment? 

Well, you need to hold both the Reset and Start/Stop buttons at the time for a couple of seconds and you’d see the alarm has turned off instantly by giving a beep. For confirmation, you can also see the screen where the alarm is not flashing anymore. 

Any Armitron sports watch is easy to use when you know the buttons and their functions well. Today, we’d be showing you the functions of the button and how they help to set up or cancel alarms. 

What are the Buttons in Armitron Watches?

Firstly, let’s introduce the buttons in an Armitron watch so that you can understand how the alarm setup process can be done later on. 

You can also visit Armitron’s official FAQ page to get the real manual book and see the proper detail of every button and area. 

Digital Watches

If you’re using a digital or sports model from Armitron you’d see 4 buttons around the dialog. Most manuals would name them as A, B, C, and D. But specific names, functions, and positions of those buttons are:

  • A= Reset, located on the top left. It helps to reset any mode or the whole watch. 
  • B= Mode, located on the bottom left. It allows one to switch between several modes (alarm, timer, military time, etc.) on the screen.
  • C= Start/Stop, located on the top right. This button can start and stop the timer. Also, you can use it to edit time. 
  • D= Light, located on the bottom right. You can see the time in the dark by pressing the LED button. 

Analogue Watches

But if you’re using an analog model, then the only button you’d see is actually the crown. Only the crown works as A, B, and C buttons altogether depending on its position. 

The crown works like A when it’s fully attached to the dial. If you pull it a bit, the first click would be heard, which indicates the crown working as B. 

And when you pull the crown again, you can hear another click notifying the C work mode is on. 

How to Turn Alarm Off on Armitron Watch?

Now, there are basically two ways to turn off the alarm. The first method is to press A and C together on the time-telling screen. 

And the second method is to shift the screen to Alarm mode and turn the feature off. Below, we’ve described both methods. You can pick whichever you like. 

Method #1

  1. First of all, see if the dial is on the time-telling mode or primary mode or not. 
  1. Then, press the reset and st/stp buttons together for 2 seconds mostly. 
  1. After that, you’d see the alarm sign is gone, just like the picture below. Otherwise, you need to follow steps 1 and 2 again. 
  1. And, if you want to turn on the alarm again, just press those two buttons on the top again and the mode will activate. 

Method #2

When the first method doesn’t work, you need to manually turn off the alarm following these steps. 

  1. At first, press the mode button until the alarm screen shows up. 
  1. Then, press the st/stp (C) button. 
  1. If the alarm doesn’t turn off or you see the alarm sign is still on, press the C a few more times, and the alarm would turn off anyway. 
  1. Finally, press the mode button again to go back to the time-telling mode and confirm the change. 

In this method, if you wish to turn on the alarm again, you should follow the first 3 steps and the job is done. 

Keynote: The methods for customizing features in Armitron digital and sports watches are almost the same. The slight differences are due to the number of features or changes in the construction. Apart from that, there’s nothing to worry about at all. You can also download the manual of your Armitron model from this website to know more. 

How to Set the Alarm on Armitron Watch?  (Source)

What if the issue is not the alarm, but the alarm time? If you need to change or set the alarm time properly, then follow this method below.

  1. In the beginning, you need to select the alarm mode. Press the mode button until the alarm mode appears. 
  1. Hold the reset button for a few seconds to reset the mode. 
  1. Then, press mode again to edit the alarm time. 
  1. The hour number would start to blink at first. Keep pressing the st/stp button until the right hour appears. 
  1. After that, press the mode button again to start editing the minute bar. 
  1. When the minute bar starts blinking, keep pressing the st/stp to adjust the minute. 
  1. Now, you just need to press the reset button to confirm the change. 
  1. Finally, press the st/stp button to activate the alarm after the alarm is set. If you press the C button once again, the alarm would turn off immediately. 


Turning off or setting up an alarm on Armitron or Armitron Pro isn’t a big deal. But so to make sure you don’t end up in any more trouble, here are answers to some relevant questions. 

What are the different modes on an Armitron watch?

Time Telling Mode, Alarm, 24-Hour, Chronograph Mode, Calendar Mode, Countdown Timer, etc are the common modes in Armitron digital wristwatches. 

What is the hourly chime in Armitron? 

Hourly chime is an hourly alarm that makes the watch beep once every hour. You can also turn off this hourly alarm from the alarm mode. 

What does the Time Telling Mode display in Armitron Pro-Sport?

When you are on the Time-telling or primary mode of the watch, you’d see Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Date, and Days of the Week.

Final Thoughts

Armitron digital watches are quite a good choice to use because of their multiple useful modes and features. 

The easily customizable watch model lets you control every mode with just four buttons with the dial. 

So, if you follow the guides shown above, we don’t think there would be any issue turning off or setting the alarm. 

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