Galaxy Watch 3 Won’t Turn On: Causes With DIY Solutions!

As much as Galaxy 3 watch rules the smartwatch industry, it can sometimes shock users, especially when it fails to turn on. Though it is not a constant issue, yet an annoying one for sure! 

Mainly the Galaxy Watch 3 won’t turn on if the firmware stack crashes or the system is buggy. Issues with the connection and hardware misalignment can be the culprit too. 

Fortunately, most of these issues have DIY solutions. Let us walk you through that as per the cause that triggers the problem.

Why The Galaxy Watch 3 Won’t Turn On?

Before you can fix your non-responding Galaxy Watch 3, you need to understand what causes the issue. 

Only then you can explore workarounds accordingly until the watch turns on. And here are the factors that trigger the watch to freeze or turn off –

Firmware Crash

Firmware is the foundation of the software of the Galaxy Watch 3. It enables the smartwatch software to run basic apps and programs. But this firmware can crash and freeze the watch 3!

It mainly crashes due to faulty temporary codes on the system. Also, if the system conflicts due to bugs, the firmware can glitch, which leads the watch to be non-responsive. 

Charge and Connection Issues

Believe it or not, most of the time, the Galaxy Watch 3 does not activate because the battery is not getting enough charge. 

You may have charged the watch a few days back in the hope that the battery will hold the charge if the watch remains unused! 

Unfortunately, we have to clarify that the battery drains itself, even if the watch remains unused for several days. Also, the watch might not get enough power if the charger cable or outlet is faulty. 

And if dirt piles up in the outlet or charging cable’s end, it can prevent the watch from receiving power. 

Hardware Issues

Sometimes, faulty hardware or misalignment can cause the watch to sit inactive, even if you try to turn it on. 

In simple words, debris or dirt can misplace the battery a bit from its terminals, which helps the cell connect to the watch. 

If the power button is loosely connected to the watch, we fear that it will not let you activate the watch, even after pressing the button several times. 

Troubleshooting & Fix The Galaxy Watch 3 Won’t Turn On Issue

You do not need to be a tech geek or expert to troubleshoot the Galaxy watch 3 not turning on. All you need to do is meticulously follow these methods as per the cause of the issue –

Restart the Watch

Restarting or rebooting any smart gadget, including the Galaxy Watch 3, loads its system afresh. 

Hence, it clears the temporary bugs and mismatched codes or firmware crashes. In order to do it, follow the given steps thoroughly: 

  • Long press the Home Key at the bottom for 8 seconds straight.


  • Once you feel the vibration or see the Watch 3 logo on the screen, release the button right away. It shall turn on the device.


Fix the Connectors and Charge

As we mentioned, broken or dirty power outlets and cables can block the watch from powering up. So, you need to properly clean or replace them and charge the empty cell with the process below:

  • Using a dry and clean cloth, wipe off the charging cable’s end that goes into the power outlet or USB charging port.


  • Take a hair dryer or blower to blow air into the outlet and cable to remove dust.
  • If the outlet or cable seems worn out you can notice visible damage on them, replace them.


  • While placing the watch on the charging cradle or dock, ensure the backside of the watch touches the cradle. It is a proper alignment for the battery to receive the charge.

Readjust the Hardware Component

If the power button feels slightly loose upon pressing, it means that it is not secured properly. 

Also, if it is not in its proper place, there is a high chance that wires or connections around the button are also not secured.

To resolve the compartment misalignment, here is what you should do: 

  • With a head screwdriver, detach the parts around the power button. 
  • Gently move the button side to side or up and down. 
  • Then, try to tighten it with the screw. 
  • Look for any loose wires around it, and tighten them as well.
  • Remove the battery and readjust it so that the terminals or connectors sit/align properly with it.
  • In the end, blow some compressed air into the detached parts to remove dirt that blocks the button and connection from working properly. 


For smartwatch or Galaxy 3 users, a shutdown watch causes a lot of frustration. And out of frustration and concern, a lot of queries may pop up in your mind. We are here to answer that through this section –

What to do if your Galaxy Watch 3 does not turn on after a hard reset?

Hard reset or rebooting, charging, and fixing hardware issues does not guarantee that the Galaxy 3 will turn on. It mainly happens if the system is too buggy or conflicted. In that case, you need to factory reset the watch to turn it on. 

How can you factory reset the Galaxy Watch 3 to reactivate it?

To factory reset the Galaxy Watch 3, access the recovery mode by long-pressing the power button until the reboot option appears. Then, use the power/home key to choose and enter the Recovery or reset option.  

What if you cannot perform a factory reset to turn on Galaxy Watch 3?

If you cannot enter the factory reset or recovery mode, it means that the hardware or software issue is beyond a DIY hack. Or you may need a battery replacement. In that case, contact a technician or the manufacturer’s support center. 


If your Galaxy Watch 3 doesn’t turn on, you should not perform advanced troubleshooting at first. Because, more often than not, silly reasons such as an empty battery can shut down the device. 

So, we’d discourage detaching or factory resetting the watch first. Rather, charge it for at least two hours. However, if no solution works, it is time to knock on the Galaxy support center or the repair shop! 

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