7 Reasons Why Gizmo Watch Won’t Turn On – How To Fix It?

Like any device, Gizmo Watch can malfunction sometimes. You may see that your Gizmo Watch won’t turn on even after powering it on for several times.

The reason that gizmo watches won’t turn on can be running out of battery, dislodging the watch’s components, virus, bad connection, frozen software or outdated software. Luckily, these problems are solvable with simple restart, updating, charging, and so on.

The below troubleshoot guide can help you to learn more about it. 

Troubleshooting and Fix For Gizmo Watch Won’t Turn On

Like other devices, Gizmo Watch also faces sensor issues, connection issues, outdated software, a dead battery, memory issues, etc. All these make the Gizmo Watch incapable of turning on. 

Anyway, our main concern is how to bring our watch back to action. The tips below can help. 

01. Glitches On The Device

To turn on any smartwatch, you have to press its power button. But what if it doesn’t turn on yet? 

Well, sometimes the power button of smartwatches, including Gizmo Watch, faces some glitches. In that case, a simple press doesn’t work. 

Don’t worry; you can fix it with the power button itself. Press and hold the power button for 5 seconds. If it doesn’t turn on yet, keep holding. 

The watch may take 10 to 15 seconds to turn on. Don’t charge your phone during the process. This simple technique can turn your Gizmo Watch on with a click. If it doesn’t, keep continuing this step for 3 to 4 times. 

02. Dead Battery

Most commonly, we face issues with the Gizmo Watch and other devices simply because we are not conscious enough. 

For instance, we don’t press and hold the power button and expect the device to turn on. Or maybe we haven’t charged our device; that’s why it isn’t turning on. 

Your Gizmo Watch won’t turn on if you haven’t charged it. This applies to all devices. 

So before assuming any major issues, try charging your Gizmo Watch first. Let it charge for a couple of hours and see if it turns on.

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03. Virus In The Battery

The charger for the Gizmo Watch should allow the watch to charge correctly. The battery inside the watch is mainly responsible for the watch’s charge. 

Most often, the Gizmo Watch battery gets a virus, which hinders the ability to charge the watch. In that case, you can’t turn your Gizmo Watch on, as it will be completely dead. 

There is a simple trick to this issue. First, unplug the charger, take off the back part of the watch, move the battery, and press the power button for 10 seconds. 

Now connect the charger and attach the battery. Wait for five seconds, and the watch will turn on and charge like usual.

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04. Software issues

After you bought the Gizmo Watch for your child, you must have paired the watch with your device. Luckily, the app can help the watch turn on. 

When a watch becomes stuck on its black screen, its software becomes paused. For this reason, you can’t turn it on.

Anyway, you can use your GizmoHub app to let the watch operate. Go to the settings, and you will get the option “Find Your Watch”. Usually, users use this option to search for their lost Gizmo Watch. 

After you tap on “Find Your Watch”, the watch will vibrate. The more you tap, the more it will vibrate. This can help your Gizmo Watch turn on. 

Note: Your Gizmo Watch won’t turn on even after using the app if it is in charge.

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05. Inferior App Connection

You are operating your child’s Gizmo Watch through the GizmoHub app. When a third party has control of the device, it can sometimes fail to respond or get frozen. 

Perhaps your kid’s Gizmo Watch is not turning on because of the connection with the app. Or maybe you haven’t updated the software. 

Whenever you see that the screen is black or just showing its logo, press the power button for 15 seconds. 

If the watch was showing a logo, it would turn off and restart. Hopefully, you can now operate your Gizmo Watch normally. 

06. Malfunctioning Of The Watch

As said before, your child’s Gizmo Watch will malfunction sometimes as it is dependent on your device. You may see that the watch got stuck or that the screen is completely black. 

Another reason for a frozen Gizmo Watch could be outdated software. The issue will mainly depend on the software’s functions. 

When it comes to solving software issues on a device, we think of force restarts or resetting. Just go to the GizmoHub app, then go to settings, and there you will find the option to reset. 

Resetting your Gizmo Watch will not only improve its software but also clear all custom settings. So you have to customize all the settings again.

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07. Dislodged Parts In The Watch

Gizmo Watch operates well when all its components are in place. Or you can say that when all parts are lodged, the watch seems to work fine. 

Well, there is a chance for the parts of Gizmo Watch to dislodge. This can be because you dropped the watch on the ground or jerked it off.

An effective way to pop the dislodged parts back into their place is to massage the watch. Just press all over the screen, including the back part. Keep pressing every side unless the watch turns on. 

After pressing all over the watch for some time, press the side dial button. Press and hold it for about 15 seconds, and your watch will turn on and work normally.

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For the sake of children’s safety, we would like to learn more about the Gizmo Watch. Let’s see if the below queries can help you. 

How to start a Gizmo?

To start with your Gizmo Watch, press its power button, go to the GizmoHub app, create an account, and enter your child’s information. Then you will see the option Add Gizmo, Tap on it and scan the QR code. Now you can customize the settings on the watch. 

How do I check the battery on the Gizmo Watch?

Go to the home screen of your child’s Gizmo Watch. Then scroll the screen down, and you will see the status of the screen. There you will find the battery percentage at the upper right. 

Can a Gizmo Watch overheat?

Yes, a Gizmo Watch can overheat if you make video calls or charge it for a long time. When this device overheats, it shows a thermometer icon on its screen. 

Why won’t the Gizmo Watch charge?

Your Gizmo Watch may not charge if its charging points and connector plates are dirty. Any sort of buildup can be a barrier to the connection between the charger and the device. 


Whenever you see that your Gizmo Watch won’t turn on, start by pressing and holding its power button. If it doesn’t work, try charging the device. Or you can massage the entire watch; this can also work. 

Remember not to put your watch in the freezer unless you have tried all the steps. Because putting a watch on a fridge is a very delicate process, this should be your last resort.

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