Galaxy Watch Active 2 Touch Screen Not Working – How To Fix?

Tech-savvy individuals love devices like Samsung Galaxy Watch Active for their superb offerings and reliability. However, you may find yourself in a position where your Galaxy Watch Active 2 touch screen may not respond. So, what’s the solution? 

You can fix the unresponsive touch screen in your Galaxy Watch Active 2 in a few simple ways, such as – force restart, watch reset, unpairing, disabling water lock, etc.

We’ll be exploring a comprehensive guide about the reasons behind this problem. Let’s check it out!

Reasons Behind Galaxy Watch Active 2 Touch Screen Not Working

Several reasons contribute to hindering your Galaxy Watch using experience with an unresponsive touchscreen. 

It can be an inherent problem of the watch or sometimes external issues. Let us look at some of the common ones in the section below.

Improper System Updates 

Faulty system updates with error in it can make the touch screen unresponsive. Sometimes, the system updates come with an error in your device, which is unavoidable. 

We usually carry out updates upon availability for better upgrades. Turn of events can negatively impact your Galaxy watch when the update carries an error.

External Damage 

Accidental drops or blows to the Galaxy Watch Active 2 screen harm its functionality. There is a digitizer that enables smooth touchscreen operations.

When it gets damaged or loose due to drops, the screen of your Galaxy Active Watch 2 gets frozen or stuck in the black screen. Sometimes loose digitizer may help respond to touches but damaged digitizer results in being unresponsive. 

Improper Protector Alignment 

We use screen protectors in our smartwatches to prevent damage or water intrusion. But the faulty alignment of the screen protector will result in the formation of air bubbles inside. 

These bubbles inside will reduce the responsiveness of the screen. As a result, the touches will have a variable response on the screen. 

Moisture Intrusion 

If water or moisture enters your screen, the touchscreen will become unresponsive. Water as an element reduces the touchscreen functionality. It eventually hampers the total mechanism when the exposure is too much.

Presence Of Third-Party Apps

Not every third-party app is compatible with the Samsung Watch Active 2. Installing any incompatible app may hamper the watch’s normal functioning, including the touchscreen getting unresponsive. The reason is the presence of bugs in the apps, which often cause hindrance.

Unclean Or Gloves On Hand

The touch screen is programmed to respond to the touches of the fingers. It absorbs the screen’s electrostatic charge, which helps complete the total function. 

But when your fingers are dirty, or you are wearing gloves, there is an added layer of thickness between the screen and the fingers. 

As a result, the touch screen of the Galaxy watch may not respond as it is supposed to.

Fix Galaxy Watch Active 2 Touch Screen Not Working

An unresponsive screen in your Galaxy smartwatch is a frustrating experience. Since multiple reasons contribute to this problem, various solutions are there to fix those. Let us explore some of the viable troubleshooting techniques.

Reboot Your Smartwatch

The first method you can adopt to troubleshoot the issue is rebooting the Galaxy Watch Active 2. 


Hold down the side buttons of your Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 for at least 30 seconds until the Samsung logo is visible on the screen. Once it’s done, you have successfully rebooted Galaxy Smartwatch.

Unpair Your Watch

If your watch is paired up with your phone, unpair it temporarily. The process of doing so. The process is pretty simple, a breakdown of which is listed below:

Step 1: Go To Settings

The first task would be navigating to the settings app on your Galaxy Watch Active 2.


Step 2: Tap On General

Scroll down below and look for the General option. Tap on it after you find it.


Step 3: Tap on the Reset Option

Scroll down again on the general menu and tap the Reset option to proceed.


Step 4: Tap On Reset Again

Complete the process by tapping on the Reset from where you’re navigated.


Step 5: Check Your Wearable App

Once you have completed the resetting process, go to your phone menu and navigate to the Galaxy Wearable app. From there, you can see whether your Galaxy Active 2 watch is still connected.


Uninstall Third-Party Apps

Since third-party apps can be a big problem, it is better to uninstall them. In this regard, you must visit the Galaxy Wearable app first. After visiting, go to the watch menu and click on Apps.

From the apps menu, choose and uninstall the apps that you installed from an unreliable source recently.

Remove Dirt On Screen

Dirt on the screen protector makes the touch sensitivity lower. You can use a lint-free cloth and rub it gently over the screen protector. Avoid using any type of cleaning agent or abrasive materials.

Look For Updates

Bugs existing in the system may make the response rate of touches slower. We recommend you look for system updates in such cases constantly. A simple update may save you from several hassles.

Tips To Prevent Damage On Galaxy Watch Active 2 Touch Screen

It is possible to avoid encountering problems like an unresponsive touch screen in your Galaxy Watch Active 2. We have curated some tips and suggestions to help you avoid these issues. 

  • Always keep the watch screen free from dirt or oily substances
  • Install the system updates if available
  • Make sure the screen protector has a proper alignment that the alignment of the screen protector is proper so that air bubbles can’t go inside
  • Ensure that you install compatible apps from reliable source 


The touch screen of your galaxy watch not responding may bring a lot of queries in your mind. We have answered a few of those below to make things clear to you.

Can I Swim Wearing The Galaxy Active 2 Watch?

You can swim wearing the Galaxy Active 2 watch and still face no issues. In this regard, you have to enable the water lock mode in your watch so that the screen will avoid accidental touches. 

Can Samsung Galaxy Watches Be Repaired?

You can repair any screen damages on your Galaxy Watch. But repairing from verified and reliable places is recommended. The best solution would be requesting a repair from Samsung’s official repair services.

Will Water Intrusion Affect Touch Sensitivity In The Galaxy Active 2?

If there are remnants of water inside, it will surely hamper touch screen sensitivity. The water lock failure will possibly result in this and deter touch screen functions. 

Final Thoughts

Keeping the touch screen functional in your Galaxy Active 2 watch requires you to be self aware about certain aspects. 

You must ensure that you try the right troubleshooting approach catered to the reason behind the problem.

We suggest you first reboot your Galaxy Active 2 watch as it solves most of the issues. Nonetheless, other approaches are also viable in mitigation of unresponsive touchscreen.

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