Garmin Watch Weather Not Updating – Why & How To Fix?

So far, the Garmin Watch has been one of the most popular smartwatches for its accurate features and operations. Sadly, it can malfunction sometimes. For instance, you may see the Garmin watch weather not updating. 

This type of issue can take place when your watch is not connected to the app, the phone is not working properly, or maybe you haven’t enabled the location. You can fix it by checking the watch’s connection with the app and the internet. 

We have more to figure out about the weather updating issue on a Garmin watch. Keep reading! 

How Does The Garmin Watch Update Weather?

Hopefully, you know that to operate your Garmin watch, you must connect it to the Garmin Connect App on your phone. Or else, it is just going to be a toy for you. When it comes to updating the weather, a Garmin watch needs the information from the app. 

Now, how does the watch get weather data? Well, firstly, the app gets information from the nearest weather station after it starts its activity. Some locations get weather data from the local airports. 

Anyway, the weather information appears on the Details page, and sometimes it shows specific weather reports. It can be because we are not getting enough data from the weather station. 

On your Garmin watch, you can see the weather widget by pressing its up and down buttons. It will show you the actual temperature in high and low degrees. Also, you will find the wind direction visible on the screen. 

You can see the percentage of chances for rain, heat, or thunderstorms. And if you swipe down the screen, you will see the hourly forecast of the temperature and rain. 

If you go down, you will see the daily forecasts too, which are available for the next four days. The next page will show you the 12-hour trend. The line is the temperature, and the sidelines are for chances of rain.

Troubleshooting And Fix For Garmin Watch Weather Not Updating

A Garmin watch may fail to give proper weather updates if there is a problem with the watch, phone, or connection. Luckily, each of the issues has solutions. Let’s have a glance at them. 

The Location On The Garmin App is not Enabled

In order to get weather updates on your Garmin watch, you must have a connection between the watch and the Garmin Connect app. This app receives all weather information from the phone and updates the watch. 

So it is inevitable that a Garmin watch is dependent on the app to get weather updates. If it becomes disconnected anyhow, you won’t see any weather updates on your watch. 

You can fix this issue with a click by changing some settings on the app. Firstly, go to the Garmin Connect app and go to settings. Then press the phone’s permission button and enable the location. 

If you don’t want the device to track your location, go to User Settings instead of Phone Permission. Then select weather location> fixed location, and your watch will show the weather on the screen. This setting is applicable if you are not traveling anywhere. 

Smartphone Issues

Not only the Garmin Connect app is responsible for updating the weather on the Garmin watch, but also your smartphone. As we said before, the phone receives weather information, transfers it to the app, and the app notifies the watch. Hence, the phone is dominant.

Let’s say you tried enabling the location and doing settings from scratch, yet your watch is not updating the weather. Then the issue could be your phone. 

Try restarting your phone and the watch as well. Make sure that your phone is not connected to the watch; you will pair them again. After both of your devices are on, connect your Garmin watch with the Garmin Connect app and enable the location to get weather updates. 

Unstable Internet Connection

Not having updates on the weather on a Garmin watch is not a major issue every time. Maybe you are not getting information because you don’t have internet access at that time. Like any other smartwatch, Garmin watches also need an internet connection to give updates. 

Getting out of the internet connection can be common for all of us. It can be due to going far from the Wi-Fi area or because the internet data plan has expired or is over. 

Check if your watch has an internet connection or not. If not, go to the Garmin Connect app and press on the watch. Then select General > Wifi networks > Add network. After you have added your desired network, enter the password for WiFi, confirm the connection, and you are done.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is inevitable for a Garmin watch to stop updating about the weather or anything else, as it is a device. You just need to know the reasons and solutions, along with some potential queries. 

How do you refresh your Garmin Watch?

You can refresh your Garmin Watch by simply giving it a soft reset. For that, you have to hold its power button for 10 to 15 seconds. Then the option Power Of will appear; click on it. Now your watch is all set. 

What is the basic weather on the Garmin Watch?

Usually, a Garmin watch gives two types of forecast, e.g., basic and non-marine premium. The basic forecast is for 3 days with intervals of 6 hours. 

What is the Garmin Active Weather?

The Garmin Active Weather on a Garmin watch shows the weather forecast, conditions, and weather radar map. It is only visible with accurate data if you stay in the coverage area. 

Does the Garmin watch update automatically?

Your Garmin watch is connected to the Garmin Connect app on your device. The app will download all the information from the device and update the watch. So yeah, it updates automatically; you won’t have to do anything to get the notification. 

Final Thoughts

When a Garmin watch weather is not updating, the issue is not always major. Perhaps you haven’t enabled the location or you have turned off the internet on your phone. So first, check if you are not getting weather updates due to any mistake. 

Getting weather updates is as important as searching for a location on a Google map. So look at the operation of the device first; if you see any major problems, contact the helpline.

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