Bulova vs Citizen watches : Which One is Better Option?

When it comes to watches with high quality, two well-known brands always stand out: Bulova and Citizen. They are stylish, affordable,  and functional which makes them get into everyone’s bucket list.

Both of the brands have a long history of making high-quality timepieces. However, there are some differences between the brands in terms of style, materials, price, movement and warranty. So which one is better between Bulova vs Citizen watches?

While Bulova focuses on formal attire, the Citizen watches are more suitable for casual outfits. Both of them have quite similar materials but Bulova excels its movements with Quartz and Automatic Calibers and Citizen watches with Solar-powered quartz. But hey, there’s way more! 

This article will explore what makes these brands special and how their watches differ. Let’s get to it.

Bulova vs Citizen Watches: Quick Comparison Table

Watches tell us time. But from time to time, these two watch brands have focused on separate features making them different from one another.. So, let’s give you a brief comparison between the two.

Differentiating FactorsBulovaCitizen
StyleFormal or Semi-formalCasual
MaterialsStainless Steel, TitaniumStainless Steel, Titanium
MovementsQuartz and Automatic CalibersSolar-powered quartz
Famous TechnologyBulova AccutronCitizen Satellite Wave
Warranty3 Years5 Years

I guess this brief comparison won’t give you a clear idea to choose one. So, let’s get into an in-depth comparison between Citizen and Bulova watches.

Bulova vs Citizen Watches: Head-to-Head Differences

By now, you already know that both of the brands offer an extensive range of timepieces that blend style, precision, and innovation. But there are a couple of differences as well. Check them out.

Bulova vs. Citizen: Brand Value 


A young Czech immigrant named Joseph Bulova founded Bulova in 1875. However, the company got into the world of watch manufacturing in 1911.

The brand became famous and earned respect in a short time. Things like the first radio advertising campaign, official timekeeper for baseball, first ever fully electronic watch made it famous over the years.

Also technologies like Accutron, Precisionist helped the brand take a significant leap in watchmaking. 

No wonder why it has such a high value.

Let me give you some shocking news. In 2008, it was bought for a whooping $250 million by Citizen watch Co. 

With all these offerings, the brand has always been a priority for watch enthusiasts. 


Citizen was established in 1918 by a collaboration of Japanese and Swiss entrepreneurs. 

At present it has risen to become a prominent figure in Japan’s watchmaking industry.

As a matter of fact, it currently holds the title of the world’s largest producer of quartz watches.It holds an impressive 40% market share. 

AT present, the market value of  Citizen Watch Co ltd is 225.34 billion JPY! 

Their Eco Drive technology, first ever voice recognition watch, the world’s thinnest LCD watch makes them unique and famous all over the world. That’s why everyone wants to get their hands on this brand. 

Bulova vs. Citizen: Style


When we survey the diverse range of timepieces available, it becomes noticeable that Bulova has taken the lead in prioritizing dressy watches. 

 A simple perusal through their collections comes with sleek, sophisticated, and fashionable timepieces. They are perfectly suited for formal and semi-formal events.

So if you’re going out for a formal evening or like to dress up formally for most of the time. This can easily be your choice. 

I bet that when you wear a suit and shirt, the sophisticated dials coupled with metal bracelets will definitely look awesome on you.

However, it’s important to note that Bulova also caters to those seeking more casual options. 

In fact, their collections include chronographs and dive watches. So you will be provided with a balanced offering. 

Yet, the brand’s primary emphasis remains on dress watches. 


Citizen mostly focuses on casual outfits. I personally, like to dress out casually most of the time. So in my wrist, you will find Citizen brand timepieces most of the time. 

It takes the lead with its extensive range of styles when it comes to targeting a diverse audience, 

Sporty timepieces take center stage in Citizen’s offerings, accompanied by a plethora of collections. Different watch types will accompany you in various activities, whether it’s hiking, diving, or simply daily wear.

I have to talk about the The Eco-Drive Promaster collection..

It is tailored for professional adventurers and athletes seeking reliable and robust watches that can keep up with their active lifestyles.

However, Citizen has also ventured into the smartwatch sector.  They are developing and releasing models with a wide array of features. 

I use the Citizen CZ smartwatch. It boasts various styles and has garnered hundreds of rave user reviews. So  no matter if you use Android or iOS devices, you can pick it up too. 

In short, Citizen should be your pick if you’re in search of a brand that covers all occasions. It will provide you with something suitable for every event.

Verdict- Both of the brands are stylish and unique. However, if I had to pick one, I’d go with citizen watches.

Bulova vs. Citizen: Materials


At the end of the day, a watch is nothing but a tool. So, what is inside the Bulova watches?

Bulova’s most of the watches usually have mineral and sapphire glass type. You’ll come across stainless steel cases and mineral crystal dial windows as common features, although some models boast sapphire dial windows for added luxury and durability.

There are also a good number of titanium bracelets. However, most of the straps are made of leather. So you’ll get to choose from a variety of options.

Regarding water resistance, Bulova’s watches vary depending on the model. 

Some timepieces offer water resistance levels ranging from 30 to 100 meters, providing varying degrees of protection against water exposure.


Just like Bulova, Citizen watches have a glass type of mineral and sapphire as well. But unlike the previous one, Citizen watches have nylon straps. 

One of my friends always goes for the ‘NATO’ strap. You can check that out too.

For versatility, Citizen offers a diverse selection of band types, including stainless steel, leather, nylon, and rubber bands, catering to different styles and preferences.

Now let’s talk about water resistance. Citizen maintains a similar range as Bulova.

They offer resistance from 30 to 100 meters. 

However, some exceptional pieces like the Eco-Drive Promaster Diver have a water resistance of 300 meters. So they are ideal companions for serious diving adventures.

Verdict- Both of the brands are evenly matched. 

Bulova vs Citizen: Movements

Bulova’s watches are powered by a combination of Swiss and Japanese quartz movements. 

If you decide to go for the entry-level models like me, you will usually find Japanese quartz movements.

While the higher-end, pricier ones often come with Swiss quartz or automatic calibers. I find these ones quite good as well. 

You should consider the quartz collections for accuracy. Trust me, they are really well.

 Whether from Bulova, Citizen, or Seiko, these watches offer precision within 15 to 20 seconds per month.

On the flip side, automatic watches appeal to collectors with their intricate complications and craftsmanship. 

However, they trade some accuracy for their artistry and often come with a higher price tag. 


Have you watched Game of Thrones? Well, it’s one of my most favorite series. Citizen takes the Iron Throne for the most extensive selection of battery-powered (quartz) timepieces.

Their Eco-Drive technology feature makes them quite unique. It was introduced after 1995. 

This innovative battery harnesses the power of light, eliminating the need for replacements.

So as long as your watch gets regular exposure to any light source it will keep on ticking without a hitch. 

Happy Citizen wearers say that the solar cells in Eco-Drive watches can last up to an impressive 10 years. The ones that I have have been running for a long time as well.

They have a good longevity considering the affordable price points of most of these watches.

While Citizen does offer a collection of automatic models, they are in the minority compared to their quartz ones.

Whether it’s quartz or automatic, rest assured that all Citizen watches rely on Japanese-made movements. 

Verdict- Undoubtedly, Citizen gets an edge on here with its Eco-Drive technology. 

Bulova vs Citizen: Price


Between these two, Bulova is a bit more expensive. However, none of these brands are nowhere near the Rolex or Cartier luxury watches.

The entry level models start from $150. Most of the watches will cost you around $400 to $700. You’ll be glad to know that most of the models stay below $1000.


Most of the Citizen watches fall under the middle range. You will find some low-end affordable models too. 

You can get yourself a Citizen just for a hundred bucks too. However, most of them will cost you around $300 to $500.

Bulova vs Citizen: Famous Technology


Talking about technologies, the first thing that would come to my mind is the Bulova Accutron. And yes Indeed, we can’t overlook the game-changing Accutron when discussing Bulova’s remarkable technologies. 

This revolutionary watch movement brought a paradigm shift to the industry. It laid the foundation for much of the quartz technology we enjoy in watches today.

Unlike the conventional mechanical watches of its time, the Accutron employed a resonating tuning fork to regulate time intervals. 

It resulted in unparalleled accuracy and sustainability. 

It boasted a remarkable precision of up to a minute per month, a feat that has now become the standard for most quartz watches.

Back then, this advancement was a true game-changer, as traditional mechanical movements would lose up to a minute a day, unable to match the Accutron’s precision.

Even the higher-end mechanical movements of that era felt behind in comparison to the Accutron’s accuracy. 

This is why, even now Bulova stands tall as one of the most popular watch brands today. No wonder why all of us are fans of it.

 The legacy of the Accutron continues to shine in Bulova’s rich history of innovation and precision timekeeping.


Now let’s get into the next one. Citizen’s Satellite Wave technology is a true marvel of innovation. Why?

Well, It takes watch synchronization to a whole new level by enabling timepieces to receive information directly from GPS satellites orbiting in space. 

This cutting-edge feature ensures that the watch continuously adjusts itself to maintain the world’s most accurate time. Sounds good huh? Well, it gets better.

Compared to technologies that rely on radio towers for synchronization the Satellite Wave takes the lead.

 It offers quicker and more precise adjustments. 

The result is unparalleled accuracy in timekeeping. It will provide you with a timepiece that is truly ahead of the game.

You can see that through the Satellite Wave innovation Citizen takes the watch technology to a whole new level.

It undoubtedly makes their watches a top choice for those seeking the ultimate in accuracy and reliability.

Verdict- Although the Satellite wave technology seems new and interesting. But the Bulova Accutron was way ahead of its time. It literally made the brand famous through one kind of word-of-mouth marketing. So, I will give Bulova the score in this one.

Bulova vs Citizen: Warranty


Bulova gives you a solid three-year warranty on all their watches starting from the purchase date. 

But here’s the catch – the warranty won’t cover battery replacement, regular wear and tear, or any accidental mishaps. 

A lot of people don’t mention this and after you buy it, you might be disappointed.

However, usually people have a satisfactory user experience regarding these watches.


You’’ be glad to know that Citizen takes things up a notch with an impressive five-year warranty on all their watches from the date of purchase. 

That’s right – FIVE YEARS! 

So no need to pick and choose, as this extended coverage applies to all their watch models. 

Citizen has got your back for a solid five years. It gives you even more peace of mind with your timekeeping companion. 

With this kind of assurance, you can confidently sport your Citizen watch and enjoy its impeccable performance and style for years to come. 

However, some people faced warranty issues but the majority were happy with it. So, keep it in mind.

Verdict- 3 years vs 5 years! Citizen is the clear winner! 

Bulova Or Citizen: Which One Should You Choose? 

From the above comparison, I hope now you know the inside out of these brands. So, which one will be suitable for you?

Well, it mainly comes down to your choice and preference.

If you like to wear formal clothing then you can choose Bulova. It will give you a touch of elegance as well. 

When you go to work, this timepiece can definitely bring you the spotlight. Their open-heart dials and sweeping second hands add a sophisticated appeal that sets them apart from Citizen’s offerings. 

On the other hand, if you want a hassle-free experience then undoubtedly go for Citizen watches. 

It goes perfectly with day to day outfit and saves you from the trouble of changing batteries. If you like specialized tool watches like me, then you can go ahead and pick this one.

That’s not it. Citizen offers a better price and warranty. So if these are your top priorities then choose them up.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Which company owns Bulova Watches?

Answer: The Bulova company is owned by the Japanese Conglomerate Citizen Watch Co. They bought Bulova back in 2008.

2. How often do you need to service a Bulova watch?

Answer: Try to get your Bulova watch serviced every 3-4 years.

3. Which Citizen watch is the most accurate?

Answer: Without a doubt, it is The Caliber 0100. In fact, it is known to be the most accurate watch ever made. 

3. Does Bulova offer any special limited-edition collections?

Answer: Yes it does. Bulova occasionally releases limited-edition collections with unique designs and special features, appealing to collectors and enthusiasts.

4. Do you need to replace a Citizen Eco-Drive battery?

Answer: The batteries here are rechargeable and do not need to be regularly replaced.

Final Thought

Hope this long discussion helped you to make up your mind on Bulova vs Citizen Watches. If you are still confused, remember you can always use both of them. 

However, no matter whichever brand you use, none of them are going to disappoint you. Because they both belong to the elite group! 

Till then, enjoy your time!